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Color Magnet by The One Pixel – Exercise Your Brain

Color Magnet

Color Magnet

Color Magnet from the developers The One Pixel, Lda was released on July 6th. Color Magnet is an addictive, challenging yet simple puzzle game. It will challenge your brain while sharpening your mental skills.  It is a clever concept that provides unique gameplay.


The gameplay is to shoot color magnets onto the board in order to attract blocks of the same color.  When you get a contiguous combination of 5 or more they will pop. This is a race to avoid reaching the bottom. You don’t want to let the blocks slip below the bottom of the board.  Groups with fewer than five will continue to push the rows and columns towards the bottom of the board. When a row crosses the bottom line, the game is over.

Color Magnet is relaxing and uncluttered with a minimalist but polished design. The game will put your puzzle-solving skills to the test.  Color Magnet will force you to think strategically, which is a great exercise for the brain.

Color Magnet

There are three modes of play; Classic, Universal, and Puzzle.  Each one is challenging in its own way.


Compete against yourself to beat your high score in Classic mode.


Challenge the world in Universal mode. Everybody plays the same sequence each time.


Puzzle mode will tease and your brain and dare you to clear the board across all levels.

Personally, I love the Classic mode.  I have not been able to put this down for hours. I guess I’m now hooked. Color Magnet will likely become my go-to app when waiting in line or just filling idle time. Its a lot of fun so why not? You can compete with your friends or the whole world.


There is a pleasing music loop that can be silenced in the game’s settings. Game sounds can also be silenced. There is a Night mode that’s easy on the eyes There is a language setting that lets you choose between seven different languages that include English, Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, French or Netherlands. A How To Play guide is also in Settings.

Color Magnet

Color Magnet is available on iOS and Android. It costs $2.99 and that’s it. No in-app purchases.


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