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Coin Billionaire AR Brings Excitement and Action To The AR Genre

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If you have dabbled with the AR genre of game, a genre that is taking over the App Store it seems. You may have noticed that while many of these games are really cool in their concept and execution. Many of them are lacking in any real gameplay and after the wow factor is gone, you are left with a shallow experience. Coin Billionaire AR, developed by RiseAngle is different in that it is giving you the wow factor of AR, but also some exciting and addictive gameplay as well.

Get That Money, Money, Money!

The point of Coin Billionaire AR is quite simple in theory. You have found out how to plant and collect coins and now you can use that to make bank! Planting coins is what you need to do. You do this and then you can finally retire…. Only you won’t want to because planting coins is so much fun that you will find yourself hooked on Coin Billionaire AR pretty much as soon as you play it. Not only does this have a pretty cool concept (who doesn’t love making money?) unlike other AR games, this one actually has a lot of gameplay to it which is awesome.

How Do I Make Billions?

The idea of Coin Billionaire AR is that you need to use different coins, plant them and then collect them. At the start of the game, you have a few different coins that you can select from. Different coins will make you more money, but of course with that comes a higher risk and longer “growing” time. As you progress through the game you will be able to get more “exotic” and valuable coins.

AR With A Twist

The way you play Coin Billionaire AR at first makes it seem like all there other AR games you have tried. You need to take your iPhone and use it to find a flat surface. Once you do a grid will appear and this is going to be the area where you play. You will need to plant your coins for them to grow, but as soon as you start you will notice that there are many dangers there that want to destroy or take your coin for themselves. These range from all kinds of things such as the cool exploding bugs.

So once you have planted your coins you will then have to figure out how you are going to defend them. Coin Billionaire AR gives you different defensive items, but at the start, you will be using this cannon-like device to blow away anything that gets a little too close for comfort with your coins. You need to try and master this as early as possible as the more you play the game and the more your level up, you will come across more and dangerous hazards.

Action Packed Gameplay

How can an AR game and an AR game with coins be action packed? Well, it actually is, not only is Coin Billionaire AR very strategic thanks to you having to be clever with your defense placement. You also have to be pretty quick at how you defend your coins. These hazards do not hold back so while you are trying to collect your coins, you will also have to have your wits about you so that you can defend them. This is far more fast paced and action packed than what many other similar AR games offer. Of course, you can make things a little easier on yourself by being smart with where you place your defensive items. This is where the strategic element of the game comes into play.

Coin Billionaire AR is one of those games that is going to take everyone by surprise who plays it. Most other AR games you will download, play for ten minutes and then delete it off your phone. Coin Billionaire AR is different in that it not only shows how neat AR is. There is actually some very addictive and fun gameplay here. Plus it has some leaderboards so you can get your friends and family to play it too and you can see who is the best and who can make a billion the fastest! Coin Billionaire AR is free to play and I highly recommend you give it a try. See a gameplay video here!

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