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What’s the Future of Clean Energy in the U.S.?

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In spite of some lingering doubt about the severity of global climate change, most Americans believe that we should exclusively use renewable energy.

More than half of the participants in this survey would still prefer to use clean energy, even if it would increase their utility bills. The environment is more on our radar than ever, and the country is making moves to reduce our global impact.

More Corporations are Choosing Clean Energy

In 2018, the amount of companies that opted into renewable energy doubled from the previous year.

Green tariffs also reached record-high corporate enrollment. This surge in participation has led utility providers to create their own green tariffs.

This makes it even easier for businesses to make the switch to clean power.

Homeowners Seek Money-Saving Options

American homeowners are constantly looking for ways to reduce their property expenses. Switching to renewable energy is one way to shave hundreds off their utility bills.

Solar power is one clean energy method that is taking off for U.S. properties. Homeowners can immediately reduce their consumption costs as soon as their solar system is installed. Using the sun as a power source can reduce the average American’s electricity bill by $30,000 over the course of two decades. Here are two resources that list the advantages and disadvantages of solar. Heads up, the advantages win.

Wind and hydro technology are other alternatives that can be used to power your home. Depending on the energy needs and location of their homes, many Americans could considerably increase their savings by using renewable energy.

Local Governments are taking a Stand

More than 300 cities across the nation have implemented policies to improve their environmental impact.

As of last year, 99 U.S. cities pledged to depend exclusively on renewable energy. This number is expected to grow steadily as more energy providers offer affordable installation packages and Renewable Energy Certificates.

Demand for Energy-Efficient Vehicles is Growing

Rising fuel costs and environmental awareness is driving the demand for electric and fuel-efficient cars.

There are more eco-friendly options than ever before. Consumers now have a wide range of plug-in and low-MPG models to fit their lifestyles and transportation needs.

Families also have a variety of efficient vehicles to choose from. Even fully electric models are available with increased space and storage to accommodate multiple people.

More and more automobile manufacturers are increasing their eco-friendly product offerings.

Transportation accounts for almost 75 percent of all petroleum consumption in the U.S. By increasing the amount of fuel-efficient vehicles on the road, Americans can dramatically reduce the country’s shift toward clean energy.

America is Slowly (but Surely) Becoming Less Dependent on Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are one of the most powerful contributing factors to global climate change. Half of the energy produced in the U.S. comes from coal. Additionally, transportation-related petroleum consumption accounts for 20 percent of America’s contribution to global climate change pollution.

Dependency on fossil fuels is extremely dangerous for the planet, as well as our health. Pollutants from gas emissions and coal production can lead to an increase in acid rain, smog, and respiratory diseases.

To counteract the damage done by fossil fuels, America is starting to move toward a more sustainable future.

Renewable energy could potentially become the country’s primary power source by 2050. This would reduce national climate change pollution by at least 80 percent.

While the U.S. is a country that was built on an abundance of fossil fuels and an appetite for consumption, that is starting to change. Citizens are more aware than ever about the negative affects their choices could have on the environment. From solar panels to electric cars, Americans are moving toward a more sustainable, clean energy-dependent future.

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