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Cleaning and Household Robots. Future Technology

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Discover the fantastic world of futuristic household robots. We listed the upcoming technology that you may see over the next decade. Learn everything you need to know, as we’ve compiled all the essential information in one single place.

In the world of advancing technology, housework is merely a thing of the past. Look around. We’re surrounded by technology. We have an appliance for almost every use in the kitchen, robots that clean our floors, and more inventions on the way.

Some of these include household robots that are designed to help with other daily tasks. So far, companies have reimagined what household robots could do, and some of them include laundry-folding products. Other household robots are artificial pets, people, and multi-talented machines.

Domestic or Household Robots

So, what exactly can we expect from technology? Are advancements heading in a direction where all that we need is just robots? In this article, we will cover a few different possibilities for the future of cleaning and household robots aside from rear engine riding mower. We will give a quick breakdown of the types of household robots you may find soon.

Laundry Folding Robots

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There are multiple types of robots in development already. One of them is laundry-folding robots. We have industrial-grade machines that help get these jobs in factories, but it’s time the average home has some help.

They are invented to help fold clothes and make them neatly packed and easy to store. A notable brand is FoldiMate, which can fold an entire load of clothes in under five minutes. Compare this to your average laundry day, and it can save you plenty of time. Amongst this, there are other household robots for sale.

Household: Home Cleaning Robots

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Another robot close in development is Aeolus. It’s a cleaning robot designed to help keep your home organized. It can complete tasks such as cleaning, and home assistance, and even features built-in cameras for Google Home Integration. 

Primarily, these “products” are designed to function as additional hands, similar to either maids or butlers. However, these won’t be available anytime soon. The company is still perfecting its nifty assistants, using robust AI systems to help adjust them to human behaviors.

The LG Cloi is another future concept robot that is designed to help with housework. It includes smart home essential assistance designed to tackle household cleaning, climate control, and so forth. The company is working on multiple types of concepts, including shopping carts, porters, and even a serving robot.

In addition, there are also many home cleaning robots on the market today that are designed for floor cleaning; picking up dirt and debris from carpets and hard floors, without the need for guidance from humans. You can select a vacuum specifically for your needs; perhaps you need the best robot vacuum for hardwood floors, carpets, or tiles, for example. They can be great if you’re constantly on the go with hardly any time for cleaning, as they do all the hard work for you!

Entertainment: Robot Pets

We’ve all laid eyes on kids’ toys that include simple AI systems such as the Furbies or digital dogs. However, these often lack responses and don’t seem to be able to learn or adapt. New technology has allowed developers to create robotic animals that act, learn, and can replace other pets.

This also includes friendship AI’s that are designed to be companions. The Amazon Echo is an excellent example of how a household robot would respond and think. It gives detailed information, but the difference is that it would be a moving machine. An AI that offers conversation, responses, and learns commands.

Children’s pets potentially have the field to become the biggest seller. Already children have technology at their fingertips, but imagine the home with a robotic pet designed to further their growth. These machines would have varied skills helping your child read, talk, and develop their interpersonal skills from a young age.

Domestic Security

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Some prevalent domestic security measures include surveillance, such as motion detectors. However, there are plants to create robots that help with numerous security tasks. Say, a senior lives alone. Machines would act as caregivers, calling for help if anything were to happen.

Others would work as a method to secure the home and give detailed information and alarms to homeowners, making it safer. Imagine not having to log in to an automated security system as you’d get instant updates from your robot no matter the location.

Although this technology is far from being released, another problem with home security machines is that they could potentially lead to malware attacks if not equipped with the correct firewalls. Home security would be compromised if anyone was able to control the robot. That’s why you likely won’t see these for another few decades.


The AI and machine industry are booming, and multiple countries are pouring together their efforts to create the best household robots. Each house will soon be bustling with household robots designed for several different tasks. A life where you can sit back and relax as robots complete the daily tasks you’d typically have to perform.

We ask you this, do you see yourself being a consumer of such products? Although the machines are useful, many of us doubt if the systems will be effective. If you have any comments or concerns, we urge you to leave a comment down below.

Author’s bio: 3rd-generation American, raised in Queens, and currently living in San Diego. Archie Adams is a passionate journalist who is obsessed with robots, AI, and the concept of singularity. He writes anything related to these topics, as long as it brings value.

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