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Clean Your Kitchen in 10 Minutes or Less

Cleaning gloves on dish rack in kitchen

Struggling to find time to get your kitchen cleaned up? Between daily activities, work, and family life keeping the kitchen clean can be a real struggle. Maybe you just got a call that unexpected guests are coming. You now have just a few minutes to get your kitchen presentable to your company. Maids 2 Match Arlington TX suggests these few simple steps to get your kitchen cleaned in under 10 minutes. 

Get the surfaces clear

Start by moving everything that belongs in another room out of the kitchen. Just cleaning off surfaces will make a huge difference in the appearance of the kitchen. Grab a laundry hamper and get those items out of the room, you can go later and put them away. 

Load the dishwasher as you go

Don’t let your sink get full of dishes. Wash them right after you use them. This will make a quick tidying of the kitchen a breeze. Fill your sink with hot, soapy water and hand wash any items that are too large for the dishwasher.  

When the dishes dry, put them into their place. Clean your dirty dishes while you’re cooking, then you can swiftly wash the rest of the dishes and tidy your kitchen in only 10 minutes.

Put food away

Place refrigerated items into plastic containers and store them in the refrigerator. Be sure dry goods are sealed in plastic containers or plastic bags to ensure freshness. Put these items into the pantry. There is no need to keep food items on the counters, you do not need this clutter. 

Clean the stovetop and counters

Grab your favorite cleaner, a washrag, and get to scrubbing. Remember this is a quick cleaning, not a deep cleaning. We are just hitting the high points here. Clean any visible messes and move on to the next task. When cleaning the stove, remove any stove grates so you are able to clean faster. 

Moving onto your countertops. You will allow any crumbs to fall naturally to the floor, we will get them later. This is not the time to move small appliances and clean under them, just wipe around them and keep going. 

Clean the floors

Remember those crumbs? Let’s get them cleaned up now. Grab your broom and give them a quick sweep. You can use the washrag from the counter to clean any messes on the floor but no need to get your mop out. Remember this is a 10-minute kitchen clean, you can come back and do a deep clean when you have more time. 

Clean sink and trash can

Give your sink a good scrub with hot water and your favorite cleaning agent. You can then take that washrag and give your trash can a quick wipe down before you take the trash out. 

There you have it, in only 10 minutes you have your kitchen clean. It is that simple, you can look around your newly cleaned space and feel great.

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