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Choosing The Right Accountant in Halifax: What Factors Should You Consider?

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With a population of almost 285,000 people, Halifax is one of the top business hotspots in Canada. So much so, the city features over 24,000 business ventures. Against such backdrops, how can you ensure that your enterprise stays shoulder above the mind-nerving pack? How are you faring against the giants of your industry? More importantly, how do you make the right accountant in Halifax call to check your books?


Yes, accountants Halifax! They help you make sense of all the cumbersome statistics. From there, they tell you if your venture is barely surviving or performing with flying colors – all that by checking your books.

So, how can you get the right accounting service at the most affordable price?

3 Guiding Factors To Choose the Right Accountant in Halifax


You’re leaving the financial future of your ventures to an accounting firm; you can’t do that to just “anyone.” Your choice firms should be trustworthy.

So, how can you ensure that?

Look out for accounting firms with certification and license rights. Ordinarily, your chosen company should have a membership with state-standard, professional bodies such as Chartered Accountants (CA). Why?

Being part of CA shows that an accounting firm is an aggregate of accountants who have completed years of studies. More importantly, CA holders like Infinit Accounting also have a great deal of on-the-job experience.

In essence, you’d get right-at-the-spot aids for your business.

Furthermore, should you need loans, only CA accountants are acceptable for audits.

Streamlined Experience and Services

With trust checked, the next thing is the services your choice aid renders. Depending on your company size, you need accountants who have similar experience in terms of tax, documentation, and technology use.

Also, you should check if your desired accountant has ever worked in a similar sector as yours? If yes, what kinds of clients? Are such clients within your revenue range or higher? If lower, do not settle – you need to work with aids that can handle your due and eventual growth.

Lastly, check the growth trend of the clients who hired your picked accountant. How have their services and offerings made the clients better? Are there any visible growths?

Seek Reviews

By now, you have a narrow list of accounting firms that are trustworthy and have desirable services. However, before you commit, ask questions?

Meet with business and government bodies, ask the stand of your choice financial aids. Don’t know where to go?

Well, you can try LCCs (local chambers of commerce). If you’re a startup, all the better – they love startups!

In addition to reviews from corporate bodies, use your social media sites. Take LinkedIn as an example; it has a space for recommendations. Read the ones for your accountants and see if it fits your wishes.

All these can be quite tardy – the process and the search. What if you can’t find the right pick?

Well, look no further. There is an answer in Kinden. Kinden is a registered member of chartered accounting firms.

The sweetest part: Kinden is an online firm. That means lesser fees for you. Taking aids with them means you’d be getting more with less money and effort.

So, why don’t you reach today for a quick chat?

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