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Choose the Best Marine Cooler for Your Next Adventure

Marine Cooler

Imagine heading out on a fishing trip expecting to have a great time and realizing there’s no way to keep the beverages cold and the food from spoiling upon reaching your destination. This could all be because bringing a cooler didn’t cross your mind. It may not seem like it now, but forgetting or foregoing the cooler could end up messing with your fishing mojo.

Your boat could be equipped with a fridge, but that typically isn’t an appliance to run if you want to conserve the vessel’s battery. You may wear the battery down using it to power the fridge along with the rest of the boat. Hence, always consider packing an appropriate-sized cooler for an excursion. 

The top-quality marine coolers come in many different sizes, so it should be easy for you to pick out the most suitable choice for your adventure. They’re typically more expensive than your average ice chests, but that is par for the course, considering their top-notch features. Here are three to seriously consider taking on your next fishing trip!

What Makes a Great Marine Cooler?

Before we dive into our list of the top three marine coolers, let’s discuss what makes them great in the first place. 

Marine coolers recently released on the market are designed specifically to outperform their predecessors. In particular, they’re built to be a lot more robust and, thus, capable of withstanding all kinds of abuse. Calling it “abuse” sounds harsh, but that’s a reality that can come when you’re out at sea or smack-dab in the middle of nature. 

The best coolers are incredibly effective at keeping food fresh, and beverages cool even when out of the shade with the sun beating down on your boat. Should you worry about saltwater? Not at all. While you’re quite a ways off from the wilderness, your cooler is almost guaranteed to perform exceptionally there too. 

What other factors should you consider?

According to ice chest experts, added insulation (two and two-and-a-half inches on the lid), UV protection, and a rotomolded body are among the qualities that make an ice cooler stand out.

Non-slip feet typically feature in the top boat coolers. These coolers also tend to have markers on their lids for measuring the size of fish. Not to mention, you can sit on them without having to worry about sliding around. 

Boat-Ready Coolers That Stand Out

As far as marine coolers, here is a trio that could exceed your cooling and storing expectations time and again. 

YETI Tundra 65

Most outdoor and camping enthusiasts have heard of the brand YETI. It’s normal for a marine cooler by this brand to earn top critical reviews and “best choice” awards due to its rotomolded body. Categorized under “hard cooler,” the Tundra can withstand heavy assaults. Its rubber latches, interior trays, solid lid gasket, and efficient drain plug provide no shortage of convenience and security. 

Furthermore, the Tundra has a 2:1 can-to-ice capacity and is designed with grooved plastic and rope handles. 


If not the YETI Tundra, you may want it to be the RTIC 145. From the outside, they don’t look very different. The RTIC can give its YETI counterpart a real run for its money compared to feature for feature.

According to product testers, the 145 can keep ice frozen solid for almost two weeks, and its marine-grade rope and plastic attachments are practically the same as those used on the YETI. It also comes with a hinge-and-latch design to keep things as tightly closed as possible, which is ideal for using the lid as a platform for casting. 

IGLOO Marine Ultra Cooler

Here’s another brand that may remind you of the Yeti Tundra. Like its more popular counterpart, the IGLOO Marine Ultra may assure that everything you need for your adventure will be kept at the right temperatures for up to five whole days. This is all thanks to the model’s Ultratherm insulation, which is also primarily responsible for its five-star reviews. 

The cooler features a UV-protected outside covering, so you can keep it out of the shade without worrying about sun damage. The IGLOO may not be as feature-filled as RTIC and YETI, but it may make up for that with its odor- and stain-resistant liners that make it much less prone to developing foul odors over time.

The Marine Cooler for You

While marine cooler selection isn’t as complex as, say, choosing a new fishing vessel, it may still require you to research. Check out reviews, recommendations, and tips on marine cooler selection before you go and spend your hard-earned cash. Quality ice chests aren’t cheap, and you want to be sure you get exactly what you need for the kind of fishing you do.

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