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Choose Contacts for 3D Touch Shortcut Menu

3D Touch Shortcut

The 3D Touch shortcut menu is very convenient and efficient. But for some it might get somewhat confusing as when the iPhone icon is pressed lightly a number of random contacts arise. What if we tell you that there is some sort of logic behind the list of these contacts. You can also change the order in which this list is displayed.

The logic behind the appearance of the contact list via the 3D Touch shortcut is based on your favorites list in contacts. So the third entry in the Favorites list becomes the first number in the 3D Touch menu. the second entry then becomes the middle contact and the top contact becomes the third contact in the 3D Touch shortcut menu. So it follows logically that when you move the entries in the Favorites menu then the shortcut menu is also going to be customized accordingly.

How to change the contacts for 3D Touch shortcut menu

Step 1: Start the “Phone” application.

Step 2: Now select “Favorites” and this will show you the list of your favorite contacts. If the list is empty then you can add a contact to this list by clicking on the plus sign in the upper right and then select a number from the address book.

Step 3: Now if you want to change the Favorites list then select “Edit” in the upper left corner. Now a drag handle is going to be visible in the rightmost side of the favorites menu.

Step 4: Now select a contact by tapping on it and holding and dragging it. Now you can move it up or down to re position the list and then lift the finger.

Step 5: Now you should repeat this process for all items for your favorites menu. However do keep in mind that the first three contacts in your favorites menu will appear in the 3D Touch menu.

Step 6: Now in order to finish the re ordering of your contacts you should select “Done” in the app.


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