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Child Safety Apps To Consider

Child Safety Apps

Child Safety Apps

In today’s world, it is vital to keep a check on your children as the internet does not provide controls that ensures your child views only age appropriate material. Inappropriate material is very easily accessible if parents do not keep a check on their children. Another major issue concerning parents is when a child goes missing. However, with the commendable rise of technology in this area, parents now have apps that can be installed on their smartphones and  tablets which help parents check on their little ones.

Whether it’s to keep your children in sight so that you know where they are and what they are doing or to just keep a check on what they are viewing on the internet, we have compiled a short list of child safety apps that help parents protect their children.

Sygic Family

Sygic Family from the developer, Sygic is an iPhone app that helps you keep all your family members safe because it allows you to check each member’s location. It also provides emergency alerts and step-by-step movement of family members. A localization accuracy algorithm provides minimum battery consumption. This app also allows your children to check in with you periodically. It further lets you know when children have arrived at a particular destination.

Mama Bear

Available for iPhone and Apple Watch, Mama Bear from the developer GeoWaggle LLC happens to be a great app if you want to check what your children are up to on the internet. With Push Notifications enabled, Mama Bear lets parents get updates on their children’s social media pages and what others are writing to them. For example, if other children are bullying your child or vice versa. With Family news, Social Media Monitoring, Location Sharing, and Speeding Alerts Mama Bear is a well-rounded child safety, parenting app.


Google latitude is no longer available, but there are a few ways to utilize Google+ as a location finder. You can let people in your circles see where you’re at. You can check-in to places using the Google+ app.  You can let your device send your location to Google using Location Reporting. And you can make a history of those locations using Location History. Learn more about Location Reporting and History.  If your child shared their location, you’ll see them on the map. Useful when your child goes missing.


mSpy is a combination of software and subscription service and is one of the most highly rated solutions. It can record and track phone calls, it lets parents see photos, videos, tasks and  notes. Parents can also read texts, Facebook , Skype and Viber messages, view web browsing history, call history, emails and even check how much battery is left all in the background. With mSpy’s GPS location feature, parents know where their children are going at all times. Secondly, the software also has numerous features which will help in protecting their child’s information because if their phone or device is ever lost, mSpy allows the parent to wipe out the device or lock it so strangers are unable to access the content on the phone. Additionally, adult websites can also be blocked with this software so parents can ensure their children are protected on the internet as well.


Although some of these measures may seem extreme, our children are the most important thing in a parent’s life so protecting them from danger or even their own poor judgment is the parents responsibility.  These tools make that job easier.

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