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Chatbots Your Personal Salesman: Everything You Need to Know Before Hiring One


The key to getting more buyers is having a salesman who would answer all customer queries before the purchase is made. And the key to turning the buyers into loyal customers is an efficient customer relationship service. In the old days, most brick-and-mortar stores had a salesman who would meet all the queries of the customers and persuade them to make a purchase without actually asking them to do so.

As we have moved to the digital domain, the process remains the same, just with different and more advanced technology. Instead of a human salesman, we have programs that would deal with customer queries and persuade them to make the right decision and we call them “Chatbots.” A lot of firms can help you build an intelligent chatbot that would help your business grow.

For a business to run successfully you need to hire a dedicated team that knows its works well. Similarly, you need to have chatbot software that can keep your customers hooked with the responses until they are convinced and satisfied with the services and products that you would offer.

The chatbot may seem a simple business tool but they have a great role to play in your success. Let’s see what are the various types of chatbots that you can integrate into your business to engage customers.

Types of Chatbots to Choose from for Your Business

Chatbots can do wonders. They can help you in delivering an unexpected message to your friends and family, they can share your offers with your clients, they can likewise assist you with saying a final farewell, they can advertise your brand and considerably do more!

Depending on what you want your chatbot to do, here are a few types to choose from:

  • Action Chatbots: If you want to persuade your customers to perform a particular activity, this kind of chatbot demands applicable information from the client.
  • Social Messaging Chatbot: Connecting with your friends, family, and customers over social media and sharing your thoughts over the internet is the major reason why you should choose these chatbots.
  • Scripted Chatbots: These chatbots utilize a predefined questionnaire to communicate with the client.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Chatbots: Being an application of AI, NLP empowers chatbots to comprehend the composed or communicated language and think of the best reaction.
  • Contextual Chatbots: It is the most splendid of all chatbot types. Since it depends on man-made reasoning and AI, it can self-improve after some time.

So now you know what are the various types of chatbots that may help you move forward with a persuasive style to impress your customers. Before you choose the chatbot that fits your business, here are a few important aspects that you need to consider before moving forward.

Important Aspects to Consider Before Choosing Your Chatbot

1. Do Not Ignore the Target Audience

     Every business has a specific target group and your chatbot should meet the tone of your target audience. Keep in mind that the chatbot should fill in as the communicator between you and your clients. The bot ought to have the alternative to understand the inclinations of your clients and oblige their comfort.

2. Do Not Sideline Objectives

Distinguishing and cutting down the particular tasks or zones you need your chatbot to take care of would yield the greatest advantages. There are a couple of focuses that could enable your business to characterize those destinations. Cautiously consider factors, for example, the stage where the chatbot would be utilized, the questions it would reply to, the inquiries it would direct to a human client care leader, and how it would deal with the hand-over cycle easily.

3. Do Not Ignore Your Value Propositions

The offer includes guaranteeing that the most indispensable factor of your business is given prime thought. It decides if your clients will come to you or go to your rivals. A higher offer may require AI or ML capacities; so check and decide your incentive to choose the privilege chatbot that accommodates your spending plan and your business needs.

4. Do Not Let Go Your Response Speed

As per the 2018 State of Chatbots Report, clients need fast and simple answers. Clients may find baffled if the solutions are not spontaneous. The suitable determination of chatbots can assist you with evading such sort of deferrals viably. When managing an unpredictable issue, guarantee that your chatbot is fit for ordering data rapidly immediately. In the event that there is a need to hand over the inquiry to a human client care operator, it ought to be done consistently and quickly.

5. Do Not Miss Features and Functionalities

The clear analysis helps your business in distinguishing the basic highlights and functionalities required from a chatbot to maintain your business effectively. Regardless, you could make a lot of principles that would examine all arrangements. Settle on which highlights are required, for example, NLP, incorporations, relevant mindfulness, examination, etc. Legitimate documentation is required while assessing the highlights. Such a real to life assessment enables a business to pick the privilege chatbot that could be calibrated later or could self-learn.

6. Do Not Delay Your Business Chatbot

In day to day life where clients need quick services, chatbots help organizations to stay up with such desires. By assessing your own goals and remembering your clients’ desires, your business can amplify the advantages of chatbot innovation. Although, picking the privilege chatbot that accommodates your hierarchical needs and executing it with no blemishes requires a decent arrangement of ability.

These are just a few important aspects that you need to take care of when you decide the type of chatbot that may help you. Along with this you also need to identify the right chatbot platform to get exactly what you expect from your investments.

Wrapping It Up!

Finding the right chatbot development company is as important for you as deciding the type of chatbot. Your chatbot can help you expand your sales several times and build goodwill among customers. It sends a clear message that the brand is listening and can respond anytime.

Customer First is the key here.

So all the best with your chatbot project !!!

Author’s Bio: Scarlett is a technical writer associated with A3logics. She has a keen interest in today’s technology. With an eagerness to explore all the advancements the technology has in store, she is generally found reading journals. She has closely worked with the team that provides chatbot development services for ecommerce. A tech geek by nature, in her leisure time, she loves to visit nearby cafes and enjoy some coffee with a book. Catch her here.

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