CES 2017 Day Two Eureka Park

Eureka Park

CES 2017 Day Two Eureka Park

The day started out at Eureka Park which had crushing crowds that included startups, venture capitalists, media, geeks, and gawkers and I even saw a Wookie. What a place. We looked at robots, home tech, university engineering projects, health tech, fitness, new concept designs, hopes, and dreams.  This place is magical and really showcases things that were unimaginable just a short time ago.

No matter if exhibitors win or lose CES recognition and win a coveted award or not. They are all winners in my book for imagining what is possible, creating a workable design, developing their project or product to the point just before mass production or as in many cases already in the market. These folks are talented, hard working, and dedicated to their craft. CupertinoTimes really appreciates your contributions to humanity and wishes you all the luck in the New Year.

Later we moved on to other areas of the show and saw the latest tech coming from new and established companies.

Here is a video overview of some of what we saw on day two at CES 2017.

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