CES 2017 Day Four – Central and North Halls

CES 2017 Day Four

CES 2017 Day Four

CES 2017 day four, the last day for Exhibitors to show their products at CES has finally arrived. This was four whirlwind days for me but much longer for the exhibitors who planned and prepared for this event months ago and are likely not returning to their home cities until today.  As I learned in my years in the software industry there is an enormous amount of work and expense involved in exhibiting at these shows. Everyone including yours truly is drained and exhausted.  But for some reason, you can’t help but feel it was all worth it. After all where else are you going to see the Farady FF-91 or a manned autonomous drone?  I don’t mean futuristic concept designs.  This is real, ready for production technology.

As usual, I am sad to see you go CES but we need to recover, rest up and prepare for next year’s event when we will be doing this all over again.

Here is a video overview of some of what we saw on the final day, day four of CES 2017.

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