CES 2016 – Day Two Overview

Day Two

Day Two

So it’s day two for CES 2016. Up and out bright and early. The early bird gets the parking space in this game. Today we ventured the Las Vegas Convention Center which is a few blocks from the Sands Expo Center. You have the North Hall, the Central Hall, and the South Hall. Each one appears to be about the same size as the Sands Expo Center which should give you a feel for just how big this event is. The featured image for this post shows only about half of the building and it is very deep which you can’t tell from looking at the photo.

Today, I’ll be focusing on the South and Central Halls. There is a lot to see and the booths are much larger than those we visited yesterday. I’ll be visiting 3M who has a new privacy screen covering for your laptop or tablet that we will talk more about in a future article. Also, a California startup named Urbe who makes a really cool electric bike we will be talking more about as well. It’s impossible to see it all, there is much more here than can be seen in four days, but we’ll do our best.

This video is an overview of what we saw today. We will get deeper into some of the products we saw in future articles. Enjoy, I need to go soak my feet.

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