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Cellular Apple Watch Coming This Year

Cellular Apple Watch

Cellular Apple Watch

Apple has been quiet about its Apple Watch sales numbers but Tim Cook has said that Apple Watch sales have grown by 50% in Apple’s fiscal 3rd quarter.  It would be nice to know 50% of what number. We will just have to wait until Apple is comfortable with sharing this number. When you consider what Apple has planned for the new version of the Apple Watch, sales may grow even further. The next version of the Apple Watch is expected to ship before the end of the year. So far this is what we know.

Apple Watch Calling

Imagine making and receiving calls on your Apple Watch without your iPhone nearby (Move over Dick Tracy).  Apple plans to release a cellular Apple Watch later this year.  This means if you leave your iPhone at home, you can still make and receive calls from your wrist. In addition to connecting to cellular networks, the new device will be able to surf the web and send messages by itself. The new Apple Watch will be standing on its own legs with no connection to the iPhone needed.

LTE For Apple Watch

A Bloomberg report tells us that the new cellular Apple Watch will include its own LTE chip for wireless communication. This is why the iPhone will not be needed for calls, browsing, or messaging. Since Qualcomm and Apple have been locked in a legal battle for some time, Intel will be providing the LTE chips.

US Carriers

Major US carriers are on board and will provide plans for the cellular enabled Apple Watch. The list includes Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Needs Better Battery

A sore point for the Apple Watch has been its battery life. Hopefully, we will see a significant improvement in this area. A watchband battery combined with an improved internal battery would get my vote.

I bought the first version of the Apple Watch and I am still pleased with it.  It is a part of my daily routine and it has performed as advertised. There is always room for improvement and Apple has a way of delivering those improvements.  Looking forward to the new version.

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