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CBD Pills For Exam Anxiety: How Effective They Are?

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For many students, exam anxiety is a pressing issue that inhibits them from performing. During those critical hours, all you can hope for is a sharp level of focus and a low level of anxiety, but it’s not always easy to appease the mind and focus on the paper in front of you.

Practicing meditation, taking time for rest, and eating an energy-boosting breakfast are excellent ways of promoting focus during your exam. However, if anxiety afflicts you to a point where it stops you from showing how hard you have studied, consider something natural and slightly more potent such as CBD.

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The science behind CBD

CBD comes from the same plant species as the cannabinoids found in marijuana. What distinguishes CBD from the latter is its lack of THC content. Hemp-derived CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC cannot make you high, nor is there a risk of overdose. Its non-intoxicating psychoactive effects are why CBD users don’t experience paranoia and a higher level of anxiety than those who take marijuana with a high THC dose.

This natural compound works on the endocannabinoid system (ECS). The latter is a biological system that controls critical bodily functions such as temperature, mood, sleep, appetite, and hormones. Consequently, the ECS uses its receptors that move through the mind and body to ensure that the body is in continual homeostasis (optimal balance). 

CBD triggers change in the body by signaling to the receptors. In one study, researchers noted how CBD could manage a waxy oil substance’s overproduction on the skin, known as sebum. This effect has led researchers to believe that CBD can help ease acne symptoms. Besides improving the skin, researchers have noted CBD’s potential to manage pain, lower anxiety and depression symptoms, slow down the onset of cancer and Alzheimer’s disease and benefit many more chronic and mental issues. 

Because of its potential benefits and its legalization in several countries, CBD has risen significantly in popularity. The industry is booming, and finding CBD-infused products has never been safer. Nowadays, you can buy a range of items from oil tinctures to vape liquids, creams, soap, edibles, pills, and more. As a consumer, you have the added luxury of choosing the type of CBD you want to use through the product you purchase. For example, the  Sour Diesel hemp flower is grown indoors, and it’s revered as a wonderful indoor bud that comes with distinctive aromas and effects and now Hemp CBD products are available in many stores, so take it and reap all the benefits.

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Can CBD lower exam anxiety?

The research on this natural compound is currently in its early stages. Researchers must conduct more clinical trials to understand how effective CBD is to treat chronic and mental health conditions such as anxiety. Preliminary studies show that overall, CBD can lower anxiety. In one study, 78 percent of 72 participants who took 25mg of CBD a day felt an improvement in their anxiety symptoms after two months, while 19 percent described their symptoms as worse after the CBD treatment.

Other studies show CBD’s potential to manage pain without causing harmful side effects. This natural compound can help ease chronic pain and temporary pain caused by anxiety. Nervousness before exams can lead to stomach pains, irritable bowel syndrome, and migraines. Taking CBD pills beforehand might help you appease this pain.

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How Does It Work?

CBD’s work on the cortisol hormone also plays a significant role for anxious students. Cortisol is the stress hormone that determines whether the body goes into fight-or-flight mode. Critical during actual emergencies, the cortisol hormone’s overproduction can be detrimental to our physical and mental health and cause a weakened immune system and fatigue. Researchers believe CBD can manage this hormone’s overproduction, so the body moves away from an emergency state and is left to focus on other bodily systems. 

In high doses, CBD may also promote better sleep by helping students fall asleep faster and stay asleep, rather than experiencing insomnia caused by pre-exam jitters. In contrast, a low dose of CBD can promote wakefulness in users, boost energy, and promote better focus.

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Using CBD before an exam

If you hope to benefit from the advantages of CBD during an exam, then it’s best to become familiar with this natural compound. It’s not wise to take CBD for the first time right before your exam. As a newbie, you will need to figure out a few things, such as the best dose for you, the right brand, and the best mode for you to take CBD, whether through oil, pills, edibles or vaping.


Familiarizing yourself with CBD will give you a chance to know how your body reacts to the compound. You may be one of the marginal users who experience nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea because of CBD intake. In this case, avoid this cannabinoid before heading to your exam. 

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