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CBD Kief: Why Is It Gaining Popularity Among Cannabis Consumers?

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The Cannabis industry has recently gained a lot of hype. Previously people used a specific part of the plant for smoking, which had an intoxicating effect. But nowadays, thanks to extensive research in this field, various other parts of the plant are utilized in multiple forms.

One of the latest additions to the product list is cbd kief. If you are a veteran in this industry, you must have noticed that this product is buzzing. So what is CBD Kief exactly, and why are people so excited about it? Let’s understand

Understanding CBD

Before we start with the star product of today’s topic, let us first give you a brief introduction to the precursor of the Kief. So CBD is a short form for the term Cannabidiol. The source of CBD is hemp extract. The plant from where the manufacturers extract this compound has narrow leaves and grows to a medium height. The process of making Cannabidiol is also quite hectic. Once they obtain the extract, the manufacturers need to decompose it properly to form the CBD.

The best part about Cannabidiol is that it is non-psychoactive and pocket-friendly. People have traditionally used CBD for ages, and they even form an essential part of some tribal rituals.

What Is CBD Kief?

It is the question we have been trying to answer for quite a while now. Kief is the term that people use interchangeably with toppings or pollen.


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So what is the product exactly? Kief is nothing but the trichomes of the hemp flower that is dry-shifted by the manufacturers. You can even identify the trichomes when looking at the hemp flower. They appear as shining crystals highly tiny in size on the flower.

The trichomes are like the “kitchen” of the CBD plant, where they make the cannabinoids. So it is evident that the Kief, which is the concentrate of the trichomes, will have a much higher cannabinoid concentration. However, the THC content in the products that the companies sell commercially is less than 0.3%. Kief is an excellent source of terpenes, along with other popular compounds like CBD, CBC, and CBG.

The Main Reasons For The Popularity Of CBD Kief

We can broadly classify the grounds for the gaining popularity of the Kief under 3 subheadings.

1. Potency

As you might know, cannabis flowers are popular among consumers. The CBD Kief is a cannabis concentrate devoid of the solvent to give your traditional flower an extra hit.

The potency of cannabis flowers is a maximum of 25%. But when you take the concentrate, the potency can be as high as the mid-50s, which is one of the leading causes for the massive popularity of the product.

2. Consume As You Wish

Many people need clarification when it comes to ways of consuming Kief. But hey! You do not need to worry because we have the easiest solution. For most of us, morning coffee is a must-have. It’s like the morning potion we need to give our day a Kickstart. So, add the trichome concentrate to your cup while drinking your coffee.

You need to remember one thing. You should add the Kief to a hot cup of coffee and not a cold one. It is because the cannabinoids in the compound need to be activated, which is readily achieved by simmering hot water.

3. Multiple Benefits

One of the significant grounds for the popularity of Kief is the high concentration of terpenes in the product. There are two primary functions of terpenes when they are present in any compound. Firstly, terpenes, especially Nerolidol present in the trichome concentrate, emit a beautiful aroma that people often associate with floral fragrances.

Secondly, people also believe Nerolidol has anti-microbial activities like anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, etc. However, the lab tests are still going on, and the medical properties are yet to be confirmed and certified.

4. Easy To Store

Since it is in the form of a powder, storing the trichome concentrate is relatively easy. First, however, you must know how to store it. Although it is a highly potent product, the trichome concentrate will retain its potency if stored correctly.

So what is the correct method for its storage?

  • When extracting your trichome concentrate, ensure the container is dry and cool.
  • After extraction, if you are willing to store the concentrate in a different container, ensure it is devoid of moisture. You can use multiple napkins to clean it off to ensure proper drying.
  • It would be best to store the container away from any heat source like a gas stove, microwave oven, induction cooktop, etc.
  • Avoid direct sunlight on the product because the UV rays coming from the sun will decrease the potency of the concentrate.

Can I Collect The Kief On My Own?

Believe it or not, you can make your own CBD Kief home. You can use various methods, and we share some of the most popular ones here.

1. Using A Kief Catcher

It is a specialized tool that companies have designed for collecting the Kief specifically. In the Kief Catcher, a bottom chamber fits below the screen that catches the Cannabis flower.

When you grind the hemp flowers, the trichome breaks off easily, falls through that chamber, and collects in the bottom chamber.

2. Using Kief Screens

Special Kief screens are for those collecting them in large amounts. The Catcher is enough if you use it in your home; however, the screens are a must-have for a large production house. In this method, you rub the Cannabis plants with the flowers against a “small-gauge silk screen.”

The size of the screen you use determines the grade of the Kief you can produce. The high-quality trichome concentrate is often finely powdered, which requires a screen with petite pore size. One can choose the screen size depending on the requirement of the user.

Final Words

If you are a beginner in the Cannabis industry, Kief can be an overwhelming product for you due to a high concentration of cannabinoids. Instead, you can start with something lighter and gradually try the trichome concentrate when you are used to the effects after a while. Additionally, you might wish to use CBD oil for pain management.

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