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Casino Bonus Overview 2021 – Benefits Of Playing Online Casino

Online Casino

Anyone familiar with the online gambling world knows that there are many casino bonuses given away by online casinos. Many of us have made use of these bonuses at various online casinos. It is possible to win nice and high prizes with the different casino bonuses that are available. For every game bonus is an important key, it attracts the players. If you are a new member of xe88 they will provide you with a welcome bonus. You can get a 3% match deposit bonus. This bonus can be claimed many times as long as you are a member of xe88.  It is a casino bonus which is a thank you for signing up and top-rated online casino Australia real money 2022 does this.

We would like to discuss the different types of casino bonuses that are available. From the no deposit bonus to the welcome bonus to the cashback bonus, we will cover all of them on this page. To top it off, we have selected the best bonuses of the moment from some very nice casinos. All casinos love to give you a warm welcome as a new player.

In a normal casino, you get a nice glass of drink from the house. So in an online casino, it happens with a financial bonus. There are also loyalty bonuses that a handful of casinos use to keep their players loyal. They are often free spins that you get as a valued player of an online casino.


A wide choice of casino bonuses

There is a wide range of bonuses today. It is good to know about the different bonuses. Below we have an overview of the different bonuses. It is possible to get some bonuses even for free without making a deposit in the account. It is nice to start with a no deposit bonus to be able to win the most beautiful cash prizes. Also, you can get to know the casino with the casino bonus.

Welcome bonus

The best-known online casino bonus is the welcome bonus. It is a casino bonus that was introduced as one of the first bonuses. It is a casino bonus which is a thank you for signing up and making your first deposit at the casino. At most online casinos the bonus is a doubling of your deposit up to a maximum amount. If you deposit fifty dollars then it is doubled to one hundred dollars. The casinos are competing harder and harder for their new players so the bonuses are getting higher and higher. Some welcome bonuses run up to 1250 dollars and many free spins. The bonus is often a combination of an initial welcome bonus and multiple deposit bonuses. It is actually a combination of an initial welcome bonus and multiple reload casino bonuses. It is an attractive way to increase your play money.

Free spins bonus

Online Slots

Slot machines and slot machines are very popular among online casino players. It has not escaped the online casinos’ notice and they have created special bonuses for it. They are called free spins. The free spins are often given as an added bonus to the casino bonuses. These include the welcome bonus and also the no deposit bonus where extra free spins are given. In addition, it is also an ideal way to give away loyalty bonuses to casino players. It is a very nice bonus which is always appreciated. The number of free spins is getting higher and higher. Sometimes 10 free spins are given away and sometimes up to 250 free spins. It’s great to win a nice prize with the free spins.

No deposit bonus

For most people, this is the most attractive casino bonus of all casino bonuses. It’s a bonus that you don’t actually have to do anything for. You hardly have to do anything about it. It is good to make use of this bonus. These casino bonuses are found in more and more casinos. It is a casino bonus that you get by simply creating an account at an online casino. It is the easiest bonus you can get. It is often not a huge bonus. However, the terms that come with it are very favorable. Therefore it is a very attractive (small) casino bonus to collect. If you have the chance to receive this bonus then you should of course use it right away. It is great to win a prize with a no deposit bonus. It is actually free money. Free money that you can grow at the online casino. In order to cash out, you’ll need to make a deposit. Of course, you will be happy to do so. The no deposit bonus is often five or ten dollars or a dozen free spins.

Deposit bonus

A deposit bonus is a casino bonus that you get when you make a deposit. The welcome bonus is also a deposit bonus. However, the deposit bonus is more often the follow-up bonus: the reload bonus. It is often a 50 percent bonus. It can also sometimes be a much higher bonus to encourage players to make a second or third deposit.

Cashback Bonus

There are only a handful of online casinos that use this casino bonus: the cashback bonus. It is a bonus that you do not get in advance by making a deposit. It is also not for creating an account. It is a way to make up for the casino where you lost some money. When you have a bad time at the casino it is nice to get a bonus from the casino the next day. The casino bonus provides a band-aid on the wounds. It is also sometimes called the loser’s bonus. It doesn’t matter though, since it’s a chance to win nice cash prizes with it again. You can make up for your losses.

The conditions of the bonuses

Table Games

It is important to know that there are special conditions with the casino bonuses. Of course, it’s not like the online casinos are going to hand out free money. After all, they would be bankrupt in no time. Of course, they have their own costs. However, they know very well that marketing is the basis for a successful online casino. Not for nothing do all online casinos make use of the various casino bonuses. The amounts of the bonuses and the types of bonuses are different per online casino. The conditions that come with the casino bonuses are also different. The most important thing about casino bonuses is that you need to wager the bonus money for several rounds. You will often have to wager the bonus 25 to 50 times before the money can be withdrawn as real money. Besides the wagering requirements, the bonus money does not have a long “shelf life”. The casino bonus must be used within thirty days.

In conclusion

Don’t just choose the online casino based on the amount of the bonus. Look if they have high-quality games there and decent bonus terms. It is understandable that the casino does not give you the casino bonuses as a gift. However, it is important to get a fair chance to convert the bonus into real money.

Frequently asked questions:

Should I always accept a casino bonus?

No, you are always free to refuse a casino bonus. It may be wise to decline a casino bonus if the bonus terms are poor. Do you have to wager a bonus more than 40 times? Then we recommend you refuse the bonus in any case.

Can I use a bonus in the live casino?

Most casino bonuses are either not redeemable at the live casino, or playing a live game only counts for 10% of the casino bonus. If you would like to play with a bonus in a live casino then we recommend you to contact the casino’s customer support and ask if they have any special live casino bonuses.

Is there a minimum deposit required?

Yes, often this is 20 dollars. It can differ per bonus, but this is always stated in the bonus terms. We, therefore, recommend that you always read these before you accept a casino bonus. This way you are always aware of the bonus terms.

Can I create multiple accounts to enjoy a bonus more often?

You can do this, but this is not allowed. Online casinos always clearly state that a bonus can only be used once per household. If you’re going to create a new account to, for example, enjoy the welcome bonus again then this often works. But the moment you want to withdraw any winnings the casino verifies your account. If it finds out you’ve already played at the casino with another account your account will be deleted and you won’t be able to withdraw your money.

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