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Career Vision for Your AI Mission This 2020

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As 2020 dawns, there is a ray of hope that this year will be as equally interesting as it was in the past year. From self-driving cars to facial recognition, artificial intelligence has made it to every headline. Though not frequently, it did hit the job market.

How’s your 2020 vision today?

Are you focused enough to take that career plunge? Having said that, whether you’re looking to upskill or change careers, this is the ideal time to decide. Focus on the relevant skills and learn them – doing so will keep you on the radar of top employers.

What are the hot trends flashing in the job industry today?

  • Remote working has become the new norm and is encouraged by several employers. Thus, even tech professionals prefer taking up projects and work remotely.
  • Due to the lower cost of living, the availability of remote work has been creating huge job opportunities for aspiring professionals, especially in smaller cities of the US. Other secondary cities include names like Charlotte, Portland, Raleigh-Durham, and Pittsburgh.
  • No wonder why online learning through certification programs have become a part of a multibillion-dollar industry.
  • For someone looking to launch their AI career, this could be an ideal start. During the past four years, the hiring statistics in machine learning and AI jobs have grown to 74% opening huge job opportunities for job titles such as machine learning engineers and artificial intelligence engineers.

Does this mean anything to you?

This 2020, make a promise. If you’re seeking to get a job in the tech sector you need to grasp skills in AI and machine learning. Upgrading skillsets in these new-age technologies will give you heads up impacting your current job role.

Think of replacing a certain task that is repetitive in your organization and how you can use your AI skills to tackle it.

The best way to explore new skills and acquire them is by taking up some of the best AI certifications that are readily available online.

With these skills in your portfolio, your next employer could be anywhere around you. Although very few employers are open to remote working, you never know, you might just be the lucky one.

Some of the top emerging jobs roles this 2020: –

  • Data scientist
  • AI engineer
  • Data engineer
  • Robotics engineer
  • Artificial intelligence specialist

Well, it is a good start in launching your AI career this year. Although new skills will emerge, the demand for AI professionals will remain the top priority for most industries.

Looking for the best places to work this 2020?

Checkout LinkedIn’s #BigIdeas2020 – these have some of the best places for you to launch your career in AI. These include names like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and Quibi. From getting offered with flexible work hours to streaming wars of mental health, you get it all sorted in such kind of companies.

Start your year with a bang!

Here’s what you can expect this year: –

  • Remote working to be widely acceptable. Based on a 2019 study by Zapier, 95% of the knowledge workers in the US would want to work remotely. Whereas, 74% of them would be willing to quit their jobs to get into remote working.
  • Huge demand for services that are related to environment and climate.
  • Broader usage of AI as well as machine learning. For every website that you visit, you might not fail to notice that there are chatbots available. Well, this site will be even more frequent in the coming days.

You need to plant your seeds of AI career today itself. Start by looking around your organization and see where you can add value. Learn about newer topics in artificial intelligence follow great leaders on professional networking sites such as LinkedIn.

2020 will be a year when the rubber will meet the roads!

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