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Cannibidiol Oil (CBD) As Isolate or Full Spectrum CBD Oil and How to Choose What Works Best

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We’re going to tell you how you can help self-medicate yourself legally and fully free of harmful chemicals in this guide, but also we’re going to get into the topic of whether CBD as an isolate is best, or whether the other commonly purchased version of CBD – Full Spectrum CBD is better. There is a huge controversy as each of these CBD oils have their distinct difference. Some people think that the overall effect is about the same for what you’re getting it for.

Depends on the Situation

When it comes which one is better, obviously the one that has more CBD compounds may be. However, it also depends on what you’re using it for. Many people claim that they get the “entourage effect” from the full spectrum oil compared to the isolate. A big part of the reason is that full spectrum has multiple compounds including a very minute amount of THC that can actually increase the functionality of how well the plant works.  That means that it may have a higher chance of helping to ease pain in many cases.

However, depending on the situation, an isolate may be much better when it comes to managing pain simply because it’s more concentrated and can be given at stronger doses so it’s not potentially harmful. While the full spectrum oils are better at being an inflammatory, this isn’t what everyone needs.

Other Factors

There are numerous other factors to consider when it comes to the two types of CBD oil. For example, while you still can’t technically “get high” from full spectrum oil, it does have enough THC in it that can do things like throw off drug tests, and it may not be as effective when you just need a pure big dose of CBD like some do when they have issues with things like epilepsy and seizures. Also, using isolate CBD is better when it comes to possibly handling things like depression and mood, as well as just overall well-being.

Which is Purer?

Believe it or not, CBD is pure CBD, but it’s also processed a lot further (like making sugar out of sugarcane vs. extracting just the stevia out of it). That being said, full spectrum is from the whole plant rather than using just the extract of the CBD compound itself. There is a lot of debate on whether it’s actually better for you for things like pain because of this extra refining process that takes place to make CBD isolate.


So science has proven that CBD in the full spectrum form is definitely the better of the two, but at the same time you can think about the drawbacks of it, and probably don’t want to take it if you have regular drug tests at your place of employment or for any other reason. Sure you can bring in a bottle of CBD oil to tell them that’s what you take, but that doesn’t mean they’ll forgive it. Not only that, but full spectrum CBD oil isn’t available to be used in every single state since it contains THC.

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