You Can Now Vote For New Emoji

Vote For New Emoji

Vote For New Emoji

Emoji might seem fun and playful. However, the process to create and approve new designs for them is not effortless. If one takes a look at Unicode Consortium’s list of selection factors, it becomes clear that there are a lot of rules for requesting a new digital icon and that not every request will be considered to be added.

Factors For Inclusion

  • Compatibility: Are these needed for compatibility with high-use emoji in existing systems, such as Snapchat, Twitter, or QQ?
  • Expected usage level: There should be high expected usage worldwide or high expected usage within a particular community of users.
  • Image distinctiveness: Is there a clearly recognizable image of a physical object that could serve as a paradigm, one that would be distinct enough from other emoji? Like the gun emoji.
  • Completeness: Does the proposed pictograph fill a gap in existing types of emoji?
  • Frequently requested: Is it often requested of the Unicode Consortium, or of Unicode member companies?

In 2015 Unicode, the California-based consortium that standardizes the use of these pictographs across the internet added modifiers. Which enabled us to alter the skin tone of our emoji (according to the Fitzpatrick Scale for humans, no less). Moreover, an upcoming update will add scores of gender-swap icons for existing professions. The update will include a third, androgynous option. Therefore, emojis present a rare opportunity.

Emoji Request makes requesting one much easier. It bridges the gap between all the users worldwide and the strict creation process. It also hopes to crowd-source people’s ideas and opinions on the future of the icons.

Right now it’s not possible to upload a design to make it available for voting, and the only emoji that have a chance of actually being accepted according to the selection factors are currently added to the list, therefore, the best way to request a new design seems to be to reach out to the creators.

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