Can I Take The PRINCE2 Exam Online?

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For an aspiring IT professional, it is not new to hear about Prince 2 certification because people keep on asking him about it. You might want to go with this examination but don’t have an idea of how and what this certification can be helpful for you in the long run.


Prince 2, abbreviated as Projects in Controlled Environments, is attaining a lot of prominence in both private and public sectors. Dated back to 1975, Prince 2 was earlier referred to as PROMPT II. In 1989, Prince replaced PROMPT II and again launched itself in 1996 as standard project management methodology.

Prince 2 possesses the following features and characteristics:

  • A well-defined structure of an organization with accurately defined responsibilities for better project management
  • It is compatible with any project’s size, risk, significance, and environment.
  • It is a defined life-cycle managed by exceptions and stages
  • It includes a project-oriented planning approach

Process and Themes of PRINCE2

A candidate gets the option to pick from different PRINCE 2 themes that are integrated into its every seven processes. These themes are:

  • Business case: Projects benefiting the organization
  • Quality: Projects delivering on the qualitative aspects
  • Organization: Roles and responsibilities of handling the project
  • Plans: Steps followed to create the plan with the help of PRINCE 2 strategies
  • Risk: Types of measurements take to tackle the challenges and risks
  • Change: The way project management team looks into the changes and executes them
  • Progress: Evaluation of the planned project as it was before

After understanding the themes, it is essential to go through the process:

  • Initiating the project
  • Managing the project
  • Commencing the project
  • Stage control
  • Directing product management
  • Administrating the state boundary
  • Ending the project

Accreditation for PRINCE 2 

If you are interested in obtaining Prince 2 certification, then you might want to know how to register for it. There are two exams that you need to undertake- foundation exam and the practitioner exam. Every PRINCE2® Exam has a different format and can be attempted either together or on separate dates.

Benefits of PRINCE 2 towards People or Organization

A project with PRINCE 2 techniques can help an individual for appropriate communication and planning. It provides the organization with an apt clarity of various roles and responsibilities. Moreover, this certification motivates the organization for a better score and encourages for better learning. PRINCE 2 focuses more on results than just on tasks.

It is easy to improve project management skills and support them to deal with projects risks efficiently for an individual with PRINCE 2 certification. Thus, if you have decided to take training for the PRINCE 2 program, there are various authorized training organizations online for this certification. You can take the training, schedule your exam online, and attain immediate results.

Where to take PRINCE 2 Exam Online?

You can give the exam for PRINCE 2 online. The exam can be taken at any Authorized Examination Centre under AXELOS. It is done through an examination institute or at any Prometric Center according to the availability of the examination. Moreover, this examination can also be taken at any institute through Web Proctored system.

For candidates preferring online exams need to agree for using a webcam, stable internet connection, and a microphone. You can schedule your exam online by providing your preferred dates and time. At the provided time, you need to be there in front of the web proctored system.

Prince 2 Foundation Exam

This exam level defines if a candidate is able to act as an informed member of a project management team as PRINCE certified. Basically, a candidate needs to meet the following prospects:

  • Define the major content and purpose of all responsibilities including seven principles, seven processes, and seven themes.
  • Status elaborating the input and output from the seven processes
  • Describes the key elements and purposes of all management projects
  • Characterizes the relationship between deliverables, roles, processes, and various management dimensions of the project

Format of PRINCE 2 Exam

  • 1-hour exam duration
  • 60 Questions
  • Closed book exam
  • 55% exam required to pass i.e. 33 answers need to be correct out of a total of 60 questions

Eligibility for Foundation Level of PRINCE 2

No specific pre-conditions required, but a basic level of managing projects as per the experience.

PRINCE 2 Practitioner Exam

Regardless of you being a project manager, analyst, or a senior manager, you can aim for this level of exam. You can easily customize your principles to meet your requirements and can manage a team with advanced techniques when opted for PRINCE 2 certification.

In order to become eligible for Prince 2 certification exam, the following certificates are important for you-

  • CAPM (Certified Associate in Project Management) or PMP Project Management Professional
  • IPMA Level- A/B/C/D

Benefits of PRINCE 2 certification

  • Good Hike: A PRINCE 2 certified is considered to be more knowledgeable and applicable than non-certified peers when it comes to the growth of an organization
  • Best Practice: You are aware of the best project management ways. Thus, you can apply them to direct projects fruitfully in your organization. Your position and your presence become a valuable asset due to the value of a certificate.
  • Career Boost: Both PRINCE certifications- Foundation and Practitioner provide you best career aspects. Your aim towards your organization growth helps in improving your skills in many ways.
  • Professional Identification: If you are recognized uniquely in the organization then it is definitely the outcome of being a PRINCE 2 certified.

Before taking the exam online, you need to understand and know the significance of PRINCE 2 certification. Once you get to know about it through thorough research and knowledge about the exam. So, to clear the PRINCE 2 exam in the first attempt, good training is essential. So, while you decide to go online, not only know about the procedures of getting it but also know how beneficial it could be to give exam online rather than sitting in a classroom.

The basic reason behind giving the exam within the comfort of a home is the hectic schedule that a candidate needs to manage after joining the professional training for PRINCE 2.

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