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Can Electric Muscle Stimulation Help You Achieve New Records in Sport?

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Electric Muscle Stimulation

If you are truly serious about your sports and fitness goals, then you may already be taking the I-280N to San José every day for an electric muscle stimulation (EMS) session. Originally used by physiotherapists to help people battle pain, reduce muscle spasms, improve motor coordination and other aims, EMS has become a workout unto its own. Many gyms and dedicated EMS centers are popping up was a way to help athletes do their best. If it sounds intriguing, discover and see what researchers have discovered about this technique.

What is EMS and What Does It Involve?

EMS essentially forces muscles to contact by sending out electrical impulses that activate motor neurons. Because muscles work so hard, a workout using EMS can achieve the same results as much longer gym workouts. At the typical EMS gym or center, don’t expect to simply attach a few electrodes to your skin and proceed with any old workout. With EMS, you are always accompanied by a personal trainer, who guides you through a specific routine lasting around 20 minutes. The routine chosen will vary depending on whether your aim is to build muscle, lose weight, or obtain a leaner, more ‘ripped’ physique.

What Does Science Say on the Efficiency of EMS?

A study by A Filipovic et al, published in The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, found that trained and elite athletes, despite already having a very high level of fitness, can significantly increase their strength, as can those who are not accustomed to working out. Both strength and motor abilities are enhanced, said the researchers, and in far less time than a traditional workout would necessitate. Another study by J Kim et al looked into the benefits of EMS for losing body fat.

In the study, a group of women aiming at losing belly fat, undertook 30-minute sessions of EMC, with electrodes placed on their stomachs. They completed three sessions per week for a month and a half. After the study period, researchers measured their body mass, waist circumference, and subcutaneous fat mass. The findings showed that despite the fact that the women had not altered their exercise patterns or their diet, they did have significantly lower body fat levels and waist measurements, than before.

EMS has long been used by physiotherapists to achieve many aims – including to improve blood and lymphatic circulation, shape the body, build muscle, etc. However, its efficiency means that it is now a useful tool for newbies and seasoned athletes alike to get fitter and stronger. There are EMS centers within a short distance from Cupertino, so if you think this treatment might be for you, ask your doctor what they think and if you get the go-ahead, you may just find that this short yet intense session is just what your body and mind crave.


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