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Can Digital Marketing Save Your Nonprofit Organization? Tactics Explained

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Many factors go into ensuring the success of any business. There is the obvious aspect of operating capital and proper management. And, brand visibility is also key for one significant reason. If people don’t know you, how will you achieve conversions?

Now, one would argue that nonprofits do not exist to make a profit. But, the reality is their continued existence depends on donor support. People will not give money or time to a cause they know nothing about.

The marketing team has a significant role to play in such organizations. The most critical is raising awareness by generating visibility for the nonprofit.

The teams must also craft appealing messaging. By appealing, we mean several things. The most critical is content that evokes emotional feelings amongst audiences. The aim is to appeal to their sympathetic and empathetic core.

From this comes a positive reaction. It could be in the form of giving time or resources to support the nonprofit organization.

And now, the online space has opened up tons of opportunities for digital marketers. Let us look at some tactics the teams can use. But first, let’s understand the role of digital marketing to nonprofits.

Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Nonprofits

When developing marketing strategies for nonprofit organizations there are some key considerations. One of the most important is around the issue of cost.

Most charities operate on very strict and lean budgets. They cannot afford to put aside large amounts of money for marketing. Digital marketing for nonprofits offers cost-effective tools. It is also an efficient way of reaching millions of audiences.

The platform can help with:-

  • Raising awareness about the nonprofit.
  • Attracting donor funding through increased visibility.
  • Ongoing communication thus fostering long-term relationships with stakeholders.
  • Getting volunteers and other manpower on board. There is no limit to how far messaging can go in the online space. People from all over the world can know about the nonprofit’s activities and sign up to help.
  • Nonprofit digital marketing can help build credibility and authority. Powerful content and success stories show the organization is doing its work well. It shows that the audience can trust what you are doing.

Digital Marketing Tactics For Nonprofits

1. Public Relations

Do you know why PR continues to be a powerful nonprofit marketing strategy? The answer is quite simple. Other people do the talking for you. Third-party endorsement is more potent than any advertising.

Some strategies include:-

  • Plenty of testimonials and positive reviews from beneficiaries and donors. Up to 93% of customers depend on such before choosing to buy. 94% of people will avoid a business due to a bad review.
  • Link building on high authority websites. It is a sign of credibility and an excellent way to show authority.
  • Contributing content to online media platforms. It could be in the form of press releases, editorial or newsworthy content.
  • Partner with bloggers or influencers for positive stories about the organization.
  • Becoming an information source to the media. Joining platforms like Help a Reporter Out (HARO) can improve visibility.

2. Social Media

Social media is another powerful marketing tool for nonprofits. The platforms are plentiful and expose the organization to a broad audience base.

Some social marketing tactics include:-

  • Taking advantage of user-generated content (USG). People send in photos or videos for use on nonprofit platforms.
  • Opportunity to share relevant content in the form of posts or video content.
  • The platforms are excellent for promotional campaigns and fundraising activities.
  • Recruiting volunteers and other supporters is easier due to a wide pool of audiences.

It is important to maintain an active presence on the sites. The teams must keep up with commenting, liking, and sharing content. The audience will respond well if you show the same level of commitment and interest.

3. Email Marketing

A digital nonprofit marketing strategy would not be complete without email marketing. It provides an effective way to reach a targeted audience.

Once the team segments the emailing lists, they can:-

  • Send relevant information that addresses specific audiences. The type of communication for donors would be different from say, volunteers. Proper targeting will result in higher open rates. This is because the information is relevant to the recipients.
  • Share newsletters, news, reports, or other forms of communication.
  • Request for funding or other resource needs.

There are tons of tools available to help with email marketing. The teams can schedule or sequence send-outs. It frees them from having to remember to take care of such tasks.

4. Content Marketing

Content marketing provides a fantastic way of communicating with audiences. The nonprofit can showcase what the organization is doing. Articles, white papers, or studies are a fantastic way to educate audiences.

The marketing team can increase online visibility through SEO tactics. These include using high-performing keywords. Engaging content will make people stay longer on the website. Search engines use low bounce/high stay rates as a ranking factor.

And, they also notice how people interact with the content. The more people like, share or retweet the content the better. Video content increases engagement. Most people would prefer to watch a video than to read lengthy text.

Digital marketers also have a chance to create a higher impact with their messages. Seeing the transformation of lives through the work of the organization is powerful. More powerful than reading about it.

For the teams, good content can also reduce their workload. They can repurpose such for use across different media. And, links to high authority websites provide further exposure for the content. When they click on the link, it redirects them back to the organization’s website. The result is higher traffic, which is excellent for good rankings on the site engines.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing for nonprofits has so many advantages. It is a cost-effective way of increasing brand visibility. In some instances, the organization does not even spend anything.

Take the example of social media platforms. It costs nothing to open an account or post content. The same goes for email marketing and PR.

Strategic use of these tactics will help the organization achieve its goals. They may, very well, save the nonprofit from sinking into oblivion.

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