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Can An Explainer Video Generate More Sales? Why Consider It Today?

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The rise of video marketing has been on the horizon for years. More companies are using videos produced by an online video editor to explain their products and features and educate consumers about what they have to offer. However, there’s still a lot of skepticism when it comes to this medium.

People don’t think that videos will lead to any significant sales boosts for them, even if they’re effective at explaining things in a way that makes sense. But can an explainer video actually generate more sales?

Explainer Videos and Their Purpose

An explainer video is a short, usually animated video used to describe what your business does and the benefits of your product or service. They’re also known as “product videos” or “commercial videos.” Explainer videos are becoming very popular in today’s marketing industry because they provide an easy way to grab viewer’s attention with a memorable message.

It can be difficult for many people to remember all the details about what you do in just one sentence or paragraph. That’s where an explainer video comes into play. Explainer videos have generated more sales than other types of content marketing like blogs, white papers, infographics, and eBooks. It takes much less effort on behalf of the viewer to understand what is being discussed and how they can benefit from it.

An explanation video helps present more info about what your company does without being too wordy or complicated ̵for people who don’t want to read. It also enables you to stand out from the competition by giving your customers a more personal and intimate connection with what you do.

  • Short and precise video content to showcase the product’s benefits
  • Commercial videos or product videos
  • Easy to digest and convey a message to the target audience
  • Multipurpose and powerful content materials for marketing
  • Less effort for viewers
  • Convenient and straightforward approach ideal for complex materials\
  • A more personal and intimate connection
  • Engaging and proven effective

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Our Explainer Videos Effective To Increase Sales?

An explanation video can generate more sales because it allows potential clients to get to know who they’re buying ̵from better, rather than just looking at an image or logo on a page. The animation used in these videos is usually very well done so that people will be drawn in right away – this means conversion rates could increase as clients are persuaded through visuals alone.

Video helps marketers get more traffic and links to their sites. Video is the best way for a marketer to turn strangers into prospective customers by bringing them to your site in the first place. According to Research, Wyzol reports that 87% of video marketers confirm video has increased traffic to their website, with Marketers who use video receiving 41% more web traffic from search.

Also, according to research done by Aberdeen A, even just one embedded YouTube or Vimeo post gets 3X as many inbound links as text-only ones. If you want better SEO, consider using videos.

Explainer videos are a time-saving, energy-efficient way to provide outstanding customer service. With an explainer video, you can free up human resources and save your team’s internal resources for even more critical tasks. The best part is that the quality of your customer interaction will be consistent across all touchpoints—we’re talking product demos too–because customers get answers in minutes instead of hours or days spent on research.

Viewers are typically drawn in by a video’s emotional power. You can use all the production elements to enhance this, making it easy for viewers to create an even greater connection with their favorite videos online.

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In an age of social media, a one-on-one pitch or demonstration is limited to that single interaction. You’ll receive a lot of marketing mileage out of your explainer video when you make it available online. Anyone who’s on the internet can find it – which means anyone will be able to share it as well.

Research from IAB shows 92% of mobile videographers are going this route, too; they know their videos need connectivity for them to go viral.

Explainer videos are primarily a visual medium that is ideally suited for demonstrating how to use an object, showcasing the benefits of purchasing a service or product. Videos often offer more information than text-based explanations and help viewers better understand what they’re viewing by providing them with visuals in addition to audio commentary.

Animated videos create an immersive experience for the viewer, increasing their attention span by up to 300%. It could lead them to stay on your site longer.

It’s easier for clients who don’t read well or speak English to understand what you’re selling through visual images than just having text there with no context attached – this is especially true if products are complex or technical.

Computer MonitorsThings To Remember In Creating an Effective Explainer Video

Explainer videos are a powerful tool in the marketing arsenal and an increasingly popular one. Content creators use them to help potential customers understand what they do or teach them how to do something. When done well, explainer videos can be helpful for marketers because they create a visual representation of their product or service that is easy to understand and engaging.

For instance, it might be more challenging to keep an audience’s attention in the medical field. Fortunately, medical animations are here. But, most people often ask, “What is medical animation?” 3D medical animations are a revolutionary way to make patients, students, and laypersons understand complex operations.

Make sure your tone matches the message you’re trying to deliver. Don’t try too hard or sound unprofessional when talking with potential customers, but don’t use a monotonous voice either.

Try to include a call to action somewhere in the video, but not at the very beginning when viewers are still trying to figure out what they’re watching. Leave it off until about halfway through or so, then introduce your product/service with some enthusiasm. You want them pumped up enough that they’ll be inclined ̵to buy right away.

Keep things short and sweet – people’s attention span is shorter than ever, so don’t be too long, or they’ll get bored and never watch the video. You should aim for around 60 seconds in length for an explainer video that will generate sales.

  • The tone should match the message you want to convey
  • Watch out with your sound and don’t try too hard
  • Include a CTA on your explainer videos
  • Keep it short and sweet
  • Make sure it’s engaging
  • Ensure to follow rules and learn when to break them

Final Words

Remember: videos will take time and effort on both companies’ behalf, which means investing money into production costs and marketing materials like banner ads. Just make sure those numbers add up before throwing resources down this rabbit hole because while an explainer can generate sales if made correctly, it won’t work without proper marketing in place.

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