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Calm Yourself and Lower Stress


Just about every generation would feel justified saying that we live in stressful times.  According to the Huffington Post, millennials experience way more stress than the adults of today. This is ironic to me because, as a young person living in the 21st century (a millennial), technology is supposed to make our lives easier and less stressful.

I have figured out that when you combine the assignments and projects I get from school with the technology we use to research and complete assignments, that technology has actually made our lives more complex rather than simpler. Everyone needs to have the same, or compatible, software, hardware, and at least 10 passwords with them. So yeah, life has become so much more stressful with technology in our lives.

Sometimes, technology can be so much friendlier. As I searched for an app on the App Store, I came across a rather bizarre yet soothing name for an app: “Calm”. I decided to take a peek at the description of the app. Needless to say, this was the best decision of my young life.

“Calm” is an application designed specifically for people who experience stress (that would be almost everyone on Earth, especially millennials) in their daily lives and want a way to Calm themselves down. It offers a simple yet beautiful way to meditate.

The app comes with a 7-day meditation exercise where, for each day, the warming female voice in the background takes you into a magical journey of silence and relaxation. This voice talks about how our brain works and how, through frequent meditation, we will achieve our goals. Each session is 10 minutes long. You get to choose from 4 pre-installed scenes (some include music) or choose from a variety of sessions that can be downloaded for free. My personal favorite is Celestial Sunbeams.

Calm is available for both iOS and Android. It is free unless you want the Pro Access. Pro Access is $9.99 monthly or $3.33 monthly if you get it for a year. It unlocks 21 Days of Calm, 50 individually guided meditations, and special content for subscribers only. Visit for more information.

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