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Call Tracking on Your Phone: Is It a Good Idea?

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Call Tracking on Your Phone

You’ve started your own business. You’ve spread the word about your products and services through various advertising channels. You made sure to include your contact information in each of the ads that you’ve put out. Potential customers then started calling you to ask about your products and services.

If you’re taking each call and move on to the next without gathering any information that might be useful for your business, you’re doing it wrong. If you aren’t much of a notetaker, consider having call tracking installed on your business phone instead.

Call tracking offers the following advantages:

1. Call tracking allows you to know your potential customers better

Without any way to take note of every inbound call that your business receives, you open yourself up to making costly errors. Even a seemingly trivial mistake, such as inadvertently confusing a potential customer for another one, can set your business back financially.

Call tracking makes it more inexcusable for you to misidentify potential customers as each inbound call is recorded for posterity. You can then play back those calls on repeat until you’ve memorized every useful information concerning your potential customers. You can even use a recording of a call that a potential customer had made to gather additional info about them that you haven’t caught the first time.

2. Call tracking makes it easier for you to identify which ads for your products and services are doing well or not

Another costly error that your business might be bound to make when you aren’t using call tracking is spending too much money on poorly performing advertisements for your products and services.

Call tracking takes the guesswork out of setting a budget for promoting your products and services to your potential customers. With call tracking, each of the ads that you had put out for your products and services gets to have a unique tracking number, making it easier for you to identify those deserving of a bigger budget and those that have to be pulled out for good.

3. Call tracking gives you a better idea as to how you can improve your approach to potential customers in the future

You might be unaware of certain bad habits that your sales team does while taking inbound calls. You also just keep on doing these bad phone habits because you don’t have any way of knowing what you’ve done wrong while taking a call from a customer.

With call tracking, you can play back every recorded inbound call your business has received and spot any violations of phone etiquette that your sales team committed. Call tracking is a foolproof way of letting you realize what you may have done wrong after taking calls from customers and reminding yourself not to do such mistakes again.

Even though advancements such as email and live chat have since made it easier for businesses to reach out to potential and existing customers, they can never match the efficiency and authenticity of a simple phone call. That’s why every business should make it a point to include a contact number that potential and existing customers can call. However, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of every phone call coming your way in making your business grow. You should have call tracking set up on your phone by a trusted provider, such as Fone Dynamics, and the above-listed reasons why it’s a good idea to do so should convince you of its indispensability to your business.

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