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Buying Fish Online in Singapore


Most people prefer to eat fish dishes because fish are more delicious compared to meat, and also more nutritious. However, finding a suitable supplier of the fish can be tedious and time-consuming. Though some fish are sold at the local fish market, families find that the local fish sellers do not have the fish they want available. Hence increasingly fish lovers would like to buy fish online in Singapore to save time and money. There are numerous online stores selling fish, and some of the considerations while purchasing fish online are discussed below.

Fish variety

Usually, families are planning a particular dish with fish and then search for a supplier. There is a wide variety of fish which are available. Some like the Chinese pomfret are used for Chinese dishes, while other fish like threadfin and red garoupa are popular for their delicious taste. If the buyer is not worried about the fish taste he can purchase mackerel or tilapia. Blue Whiting and Dory are easily fileted, while other fish like snapper, white cod, sea bass, snakehead, stingray are preferred for specific dishes. Fish maw, required for making specific Chinese dishes can also be purchased online.


Another major consideration while purchasing fish online is the price of the fish. Indian mackerel, Spanish mackerel, and Tilapia are the cheapest fish available online for Singapore buyers, costing approximately $5 for 500 grams. Typically 500 grams of mackerel will contain 4-5 fish. Stingray, snakehead, and red snapper are some of the other more affordable fish listed for sale. White cod, salmon and sea bass are reasonably priced, while the most delicious fish like the red garoupa, thread-fin, and Chinese mackerel are expensive costing more than $40 for one large fish. Larger quantities of fish of 1 kg or more will be cheaper than smaller quantities of frozen fish


While almost all the fish sold online are frozen fish, one of the main advantages of purchasing fish online is that they are fully or partially processed. If fish are purchased offline, the buyer has to waste a lot of time cleaning them. Even then the buyer may not clean the fish properly if she does not have the right tools or training. So busy families can save some time, purchasing frozen fish online, since the fish sold are usually cleaned and degutted. Additionally, some of the fish like mackerel have scales, so the online sellers will also descale the fish before freezing them.


Some of the fish are bony, and removing the bones is another time-consuming task for the fish eater. So buyers who do not wish to waste time and effort in removing the fish bones should purchase fish fillets. Many fish lovers do not have the time to make fish curry or another fish dish. For these fish buyers, breaded fish fillets for blue whiting and dory are available. These fillets are covered with bread crumbs can be eaten after deep frying them on a frying pan, no additional cooking is required. The frozen fish fillets sold in Singapore are usually Halal certified.

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