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The Secret to Buying Cheap iPhones According to Penny Pinchers

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Have you seen the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro? Or perhaps you have your eyes on the amazing iPhone 11 Pro Max that has a two day battery life.

They are beautiful machines in every way from their dual and triple cameras to the new color schemes. What is the best iPhone out right now? Probably the iPhone 11, the latest offering. It’s no surprise that there are still long queues on release days and that Apple is still making huge profits. 

But they are going to set you back a lot of money if you buy directly from Apple on release. So when is the cheapest time to buy an iPhone and where can you get cheap iPhones? Buy Last Year’s iPhone As Soon as the New One Comes Out

Every time a new iPhone is released, the model from the previous year is reduced in price. This is the best time to buy iPhone. Often the differences between each year’s models are overstated and it can be worth investing in old technology. 

For example, there is a slight improvement in the screen or to the speed but the overall features remain the same. These features might not be noticeable for everyday use. 

If you are upgrading from a much older model such as the iPhone 6 or the iPhone 5 then it might not make much difference whether you get the iPhone X or the iPhone 11. 

You will still notice a big difference in how fast your iPhone works and the quality of the pictures you take but it will be a lot cheaper. 

Consider Second Hand Models 

Some people buy the latest iPhone and then have to sell it straight away. Perhaps they bought the iPhone 11 and decided they wanted the iPhone 11 Pro. Maybe they bought it and realized they couldn’t afford it.

Either way, people selling their iPhone after they have bought it will often offer it for a lower price than the retail price.

Be sure to keep an eye on Facebook market place pages in the days and weeks after the release of the new iPhone. Here people advertise items they want to sell in your local area. You can also check sites such as Gumtree, eBay and Amazon marketplace. 

Be vocal with your friends and people you meet about what you want as they might happen to know someone who is selling one for the right price. 

You could advertise the fact you want to buy a new iPhone as well. You could consider placing physical adverts on noticeboards in community centers and cafes as well as online. 

Be sure to consider buying second-hand iPhone gadgets as well for your iPhone needs. Be sure to find out more here.

Buy From Other Countries 

Another way that you can buy cheap iPhones is to buy them from other countries where they are cheaper because of lower tax rates or other reasons. Apple products are cheaper if you buy them from some countries in Asia or the developing world than in Europe or the U.S. 

If you live in the U.S or Europe it is, of course, it will cost you more in airfare flying to Asia than paying the extra money for the iPhone back home. 

But if you are going to be in these countries anyway and were thinking of upgrading soon it can be worth buying one when you are there. If you don’t yet have the money saved at the time of your trip consider whether you want to purchase one on a credit card.

Another option is to consider is if you have friends or family in countries where Apple products are cheaper. If you are going to be meeting up with them anytime soon then you can arrange for them to buy them for you and hang on to them for you. 

If not then you could investigate how much it would cost to ship them using a private courier. 

Remember to check the laws in regards to tax and import and export duties as sometimes your package can be stopped by customs and you might have to pay extra. 

Approaching Strangers 

Another way to buy from other countries is to approach somebody via Facebook or specific websites who lives in the country where the iPhone is cheaper. They would then buy the iPhone for you and send it to you, perhaps taking a small commission. 

The problem with this is that you have to trust a stranger or a friend of a friend. They could very easily take your money and not send the iPhone. As they live in a different country you would have very little recourse as they are outside the jurisdiction of the law in your home country. 

To Buy Cheap iPhones Consider Many Options

We live in a world of choices. There are so many different iPhones at so many different prices it is easy to find the iPhone for you if you want to upgrade. But there are several things you can do to maximize your chances of getting a good deal. 

First of all, consider purchasing the latest iPhones from different countries where they are cheaper. Ask a friend or family member if they can post these to you or consider buying one if you are going to be making a trip to this country anyway. The same applies to gadgets for your iPhone as well.

Another tip is to consider whether you should wait to purchase last year’s iPhone when the latest model is released as last year’s model is often cheaper. If you are keen to get the latest model then be sure to keep an eye on the Facebook market place and buying and selling pages on Facebook and Amazon.  Often people sell the latest iPhones for a cheaper price a few days after they purchase them because they feel they have bought the wrong model for them. 

If you are interested in reading more about Apple technology or how to buy cheap iPhones then be sure to check out the rest of our blog. 

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