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Should You Buy The 13 Inch MacBook Pro

13 inch macbook pro

13 Inch MacBook Pro

The much awaited 13 Inch MacBook Pro is here and is introduced by Apple on its official website as:

“It’s faster and more powerful than before, yet remarkably thinner and lighter. It has the brightest, most colorful Mac notebook display ever. And it introduces the Touch Bar — a Multi-Touch enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want, right when you want them. The new MacBook Pro is built on groundbreaking ideas. And it’s ready to be yours.”

The question that now arises is whether you should buy the 13 Inch MacBook Pro or not?

There certainly are reasons why you shouldn’t buy this but at the same time, some reasons do exist as to why you should. Let’s take a look at both sides of the picture!

Compact Design and Touch Bar

As compared to the previous version, the new MacBook Pro is smaller and thinner. This makes it appealing to those who prefer a compact design to a bulky one! If you are worried that Apple has made the screen size smaller as well then the good news is that this is certainly not the case.

Should you opt for the models that are $1799 and above, the function keys have been replaced by a touch bar. If you loved the trackpad on the 2015 version, be prepare to get one double the size in the Mac Book Pro!

Better Battery Life

Even though the new display is even brighter i.e around 67%, the battery power is around 10 hours! On top of that, you may now charge the MacBook Pro using any of the USB C ports. The previous version lasted around 9 hours.

Fast Connectivity

The latest version of USB C from Intel includes Thunderbolt 3, which means you can use a USB C port to drive multiple monitors, connect to hard drives at a greater speed than before.

Apple is already pushing USB C on the MacBook and the 2016 MacBook Pro uses this same connection to handle basically everything except one i.e the headphones. It is  thinner than a normal USB port, HDMI port or MagSafe charger connection. That’s likely part of the reason that Apple chose to use this connection. This allows for up to 10Gbps connectivity and is an exciting addition for users that need access to fast storage.

Better Gaming Experience

The 13-inch MacBook Pro is 103% faster for gaming, 76% faster for video editing and 76% faster for 3D graphics than the last version.

If you want to take this to work along with you, this would be one of the best available options.

Touch ID  

If you are a fan of using the Touch Id on your iPhone, this feature is definitely for you. In the MacBook Pro, the Touch ID is in the upper right corner and you can use your fingerprint to log in, no need to worry about any security issue here, it’s the same as the fingerprint security on your iPhone.

These are a few of my picks about the cool features of the Mac Book Pro!

Author: Ayesha Siddique is a mechanical engineering student currently in her junior year. She has an obsession for automobiles and makeup.
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