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Business Card Marketing: Guerilla Marketing Tactics

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Guerilla marketing tactics are inherently creative. They’re designed to push boundaries, test the waters, and do something that’s a little unorthodox. You want to do something that your competitors don’t do, something that will set you apart. 

But it’s sometimes easier said than done. If you’ve never gone guerilla, you may not know where to start. We’re going to give you a few business card marketing tactics that will put you ahead of the pack, whether you’re rolling out a trendy new SaaS, marketing a traditional local service, or anything in between.

Tip 1: Go Old School 

These days, people think that marketing is about going for the latest trends. And while we’re not going to argue that some of these new developments aren’t effective (indeed, we’ll add a few of our own further down), it often pushes tried and tested methods to the wayside. 

Don’t make this mistake.

The basis of these methods simply work. Just add a twist to them and you’re golden. For example, take the traditional handwritten thank you card. Studies have shown that people prefer handwritten notes because of the relationship it builds, the personal touch it offers, and the lack of cookie-cutter flavor. 

For business cards, consider carrying blank business cards. Lifehacker ran an editorial suggesting that it enhances the unique impression it gives potential clients, plus it gives you the chance to tailor the message based on your specific needs and requirements at that moment. Flexible, personal, perfect guerilla tactic. 

Tip 2: Level Up Your Handoff 

Business card marketing isn’t just about the business card. Confusing? Let me explain. When someone hands you a card, it’s usually a boring and quick exchange. Not exactly a memorable interaction. 

To go, true guerilla, you want to level up your handoff. Use it as an opportunity to expand the relationship, rather than the usual conversation ender it tends to be. Think about these options: 

  • Ask for theirs and be interested. If you’re handing a business card over to a potential client, it’s often easy to get wrapped up in what you can get out of it. Turn that around. Make receiving the card the most important transaction, use it as an option to be interested in their business, and always pay attention and comment on a unique aspect of their card. 
  • Follow up. Having their card also gives you the opportunity to follow up on the conversation. Give them a heads up, however, you don’t want to seem like a cold caller. 
  • Personalized add-on. An extension of the handwritten note idea. Write down a ‘personal’ number on your card, for example, to say they can give you a buzz on that line instead of the official office number. 

Make It Usable 

The worst thing that can happen to your business card? It gets tossed right after you give it to someone. While this will still continue to happen to most of the ones you hand out, the goal is to minimize it and increase conversions. Counteract this by making your card usable. 

What you want to do is give your business card added value. Don’t limit it to being a little piece of paper with your contact details on it. That’s not going to get you anywhere. Do this instead: 

  • Coupon codes. Your business card gives a unique discount code for your business. 10% off your first order, 5% recurring, buy 1 get 1 free, you get the idea. 
  • Free trial. If you offer an online service, give a unique link to a free trial. Don’t simply give the same thing that someone can get by going to your regular website. Make it unique. Double the amount of time someone gets, or give them premium features that only paying clients get (for a limited time, of course). 
  • Free swag. Everyone loves swag. Add a link on your business card that lets users get a free piece of swag. In return, ask for their contact details and see whether they’re up for signing up to your marketing list. 

Don’t Limit Your Creativity 

We’ve given you a few pointers to get you off the mark. But don’t use this as a template, but rather as a starter pack. It’s just the beginning of your guerilla journey. Stay creative, explore new options, and don’t be afraid to test new methods you’ve never seen anywhere else before. That’s what will set you apart from your competition.

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