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Burn Your Fat: Starving

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Extra weight is a significant issue nowadays. It is unhealthy as well as dangerous too. Though it is easy to gain weight but hard to burn it, weight loss through starvation may help you in this case.


Starvation is an excellent way of losing weight. It refers to have fewer calories than you burn so that the body will not get enough calories from your meal.

Weight Loss Through Starvation

If you want to get fast results, you might think of starving. Weight loss through starvation is a comparatively quicker way than others. But it is hard to stick to this method. To do it properly, here are some tips-

  1. Target Fixing: You should fix your target for what you are starving. This will help you to make your plan and also to stick to the plan. Fix the amount of weight and within how many days.
  2. Warm Up Your Body: At first, you can do fourteen or sixteen hours fast. Through this, your body will be familiar with starving. Then when you start starving fully, your body will not react so severely.
  3. Starving Duration: The starting period is an important issue. It depends on how much weight you have decided to lose. To burn your fat, you must choose the right duration.
  4. Food Habit: During starvation, you have to maintain a strict diet. Having fewer calories than you burn daily is the principle of starving. The burning rate of calories depends on both your age and gender. Calculate the calories you burn each day and then have fewer calories than that. But keep in mind that minimal calories may cause harm.

To decide your meal, take Advice from a dietitian. Add fibrous low-calorie vegetables like cabbages, cucumber, lettuce, etc. in your diet. All these will make you feel full without adding too many calories to your meal. And of course, you should intake enough protein to keep your lean tissue protected. And drink lots of water.

  1. Control Temptation: Foods around you will strongly attract you. So you have to keep away your mind from them. You can read books, watch a movie, listen to songs, etc.
  2. Supplements: As you are starving, you may suffer from malnutrition. So you can take some food supplements—for example, an iron tablet, calcium tablet, vitamin B12, etc.
  3. Doing Exercise: Doing exercise besides starving, will help you much to lose weight. Walking can help you as it is not too heavy to do while starving. You can also mild yoga-like stretching at home. This will help you to lose weight faster in an effective way. You can do meditation too.
  4. Take Advice from a doctor: You should visit a doctor or your health advisor regularly. It is essential to make sure that you are not suffering from extreme malnutrition, and if any food supplements are needed, too, or not.
  5. Weigh Yourself: As your concern is losing weight through starvation, it is a must to weigh yourself twice a week, at least. It will help you to check the advances. It will also help you to increase your courage and stay determined.

1200 Calorie Thumb Rule

It is recommended to have 1800 calories per day for women and 2400 calories for men in general. While starving, you take fewer calories than this. But if you take below 1200 calories per day, it may cause harm to you. You may suffer from malnutrition. It will slow down your metabolism. And most importantly, you may burn your muscles if you do so.


Starvation has some risks too-

  • Prolonged starvation causes great damages to organs. And it is not recoverable every time.
  • Starvation may lower your bone density. Thus, bones will be more prone to fracture.
  • Starvation reduces leptin and insulin secretion.
  • There is a high risk of facing a heart attack.
  • Hard starvation may lead you to urinate blood
  • In the case of women, a low-calorie diet may disrupt the menstrual cycle.
  • You may gain back your lost weight after returning to your healthy life.

Make Your Choice

Now it is up to you. Fix your target, choose your method, and start losing weight by starving. Congratulation on your future healthy life and fit body!

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