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Budget AirPods For Your iPhone, $23

Budget AirPods

Budget AirPods

I’m sure that a lot of you have heard about Apple’s decision to remove the headphone jack and their various ways that they have tried to ‘apologize’ for that (the 3.5mm headphone jack to Lightning adapter, the Lightning Earpods, and the AirPods), but have you heard about the budget AirPods for $23? Well, if you haven’t, here they are. 

The Apple AirPods are some of the most anticipated devices ever rumored. They are Apple’s new leap into a more wireless future. The AirPods allow you to comfortably enjoy listening to music without the hassle of having wires sticking out of your phone. They seamlessly connect to all your Apple devices via Bluetooth. 

A little more complicated

The $23 budget AirPods are a little more complicated. While they are not completely wireless, they do have a feature that other wireless earphones have. Some of them, like the LG Tones and the Dre’s Powerbeats, have a connecting strap or wire that lies gently on the back of the user’s neck. 

What’s In the box?

In the box, you’ll get the budget AirPods, a Micro-USB cable for charging, some ear wings, and a manual. The manual has no use for those who cannot read Chinese. These earphones look almost identical to the EarPods but don’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack attached to them.


While the budget AirPods’ sound is almost as good as the regular Apple EarPods, one of the main complaints about the AirPods is the control the user has over the music they are listening to. The AirPods have no way to control the volume and no way to pause/play music. One has to physically double tap one of the AirPods and tell Siri to do it, ergo pausing the music in order to do so. Luckily, the budget AirPods have a manual clicker remote that works the same way as they do on the EarPods. They also support using Siri. 

Battery life and Colors

Battery life is about the same as the AirPods without the charging case (4 hours of playback time). The ear wings are handy for those who are interested in running or other sports. Fortunately, they also come in a black color for those who want to match your new Matte Black (or simply ‘Black) or Jet Black iPhone 7 or 7 Plus.

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