Browse The Web From iOS Notifications Center With NCBrowser 8!

NCBrowser 8

Wouldn’t you just love if it you could whip up a quick Google search while engrossed in your favorite iOS app? Life is too short to hit the home button and open up the browser, right? Right! Today, we have just the jailbreak tweak for you! NCBrowser 8 is a tweak that lets you browse the web right from your notification center!

NCBrowser 8

The Notifications Center is accessible from the pull-down menu which is available across most apps on iOS. Unlike Android where you have a card-like set-up for notifications, the iOS Notification Center has an additional tabbed interface. This allows for better organization for your notifications and other data you find useful at a glance.

Although the core functionality of widgetizing your Notifications Center is there, Apple hasn’t filled up that space adequately, and leaves much to be desired. Luckily, jailbreak widgets are here to save the day!

NCBrowser 8

NCBrowser 8 is a brilliant jailbreak widget that gives you a quick browsing experience through a dedicated browsing tab within the Notification Center. You can invoke it by pulling down the notifications bar within any app!

It is a fully-fledged browser and contains most of the features you’d expect from a browser: an address bar, back and forward buttons, a refresh button, home button, etc. Along with those run of the mill features, you’ll find a Google search pop-up button, full screen button, and an open in Safari/copy link button.

You can tweak the widget to your needs as well. Its settings contain a wide array of options;

You could, of course, debate on the utility of such an app versus the overhead it will cause. It might make the notification bar a little sluggish on older devices, yes. But if you’re a power user, you will love this widget as it gives you a pseudo-multitasking ability between the app you’re running and a browser. To me, that’s a big plus and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this tweak.

We covered this tweak as NCBrowser 7 last time when it was in its infancy, and only supported iOS 7. It has come a long way however, and aside from new devices support, a lot of bugs have been fixed and is now much more stable.

What do you think of NCBrowser 8?

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