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Brad Beman: Useful Suggestions for Entrepreneurs to Achieve Work-Life Balance 

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Entrepreneur Adam Guild states that one thing that CEOs often ignore is their physical and mental health. Experts also suggest that the productivity of a company is also directly related to the health of the individual leading the company. Creating healthy habits, balancing work-life balances, and ensuring good eating habits can improve fresh thought processes.

The concept of work-life balance can seem laughable for busy entrepreneurs trying to ensure that their startups survive and flourish. Not only do they have to work long hours but suffer immense amounts of stress trying to balance several critical things at the same time on budgets that at best very limited. When the going is slow and tough, it can lead to burnouts and an immense amount of frustration. Work-life balance under these circumstances can seem like a distant dream but as remote, as it may look, it is possible. Some practical ways of keeping the right balance between business and wellbeing:

Choose Not to Be a Part of the Rat Race

Brad Beman says, If you keep on comparing yourself to others, it can lead to a lot of disappointment and misery. Rather, you should focus on your business and try to do the best you can so that you can offer your customers something better and your employees, a quality of life that is happy with. Try to set your own goals and objectives independent of what others might have done or are doing and be happy when you achieve them.

Locate the Loopholes 

The feeling of frustration and constant anger that besets many entrepreneurs constantly battling with problems may not always be rooted in the business but may be caused by some personal problems. If we do not take cognizance of this and keep on venting our anger on people who have nothing to do with it, it may hamper the business and prevent you from developing as a human being and finding happiness and contentment. 

Take a Break 

In the early day of the startup, the personal presence and attention of the entrepreneur may be essential to get the business rolling. However, because it becomes a habit to be one hundred percent involved all the time, it can become very difficult for the entrepreneur to disassociate himself even when there is no need and take a break to try and relax. It is important to arrange for a good team who can take care of the business while you take a few days off to unwind with family and friends. It may look impossible but it can be done with a little effort so that you can recharge your batteries once in a while and come back completely rejuvenated.

Pay Attention to Your Health 

The need to handle a very heavy workload and spend long hours, often drive entrepreneurs to bad habits like drinking and smoking, and even drugs, which can become impossible to quit even though it compromises health and work productivity. Entrepreneurs with addictions should consciously try to quit these habits and start on a regular exercise regimen that will instead boost their energy level. They should also eat a healthy and nutritious diet that will lead to overall good health.


For busy entrepreneurs, work-life balance can seem an impossible dream; however, it can be achieved with some effort and mental discipline. It is important to learn to step away from the business and its demands and focus on enjoying other aspects of life like family and friends, spirituality, hobbies, travel, and many other seemingly small but wonderful things around them.

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