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BodyFriend – This Is Not Your Daddy’s LazyBoy



BodyFriend is a premium South Korean massage chair brand and manufacturer.  The title of this article says, “this ain’t your daddy’s LazyBoy”, and it is right on point.  This chair does everything BodyFriend says it does and no written description can do it justice. Spending 10 minutes in this chair is relaxing, rejuvenating and an experience I have not had in any reclining massage chair I’ve ever tried. The company makes many models that come in at various price points. The Pharaoh caught my eye and no wonder, it has a price tag that is just under $8,000. It is an incredible design.

More than a piece of art, this chair has sophisticated technology under its skin.  The higher priced models; Pharaoh, Phantom, and REX-L include the following features:


  • Body scanning system that provides a customized massage by scanning the user’s body shape before the massage begins.
  • Space behind the chair is not necessary to recline since the chair slides forward to provide the required space for reclining. Know as Auto Slide and Angle Adjust.
  • BodyFriendZero gravity posture evenly distributes the user’s body weight. This is the most comfortable position to enjoy a massage. Also known as NBP (Neutral Body Posture) studied by NASA and used in the development of their Man-System Integration Standards (MSIS).
  • Automatic leg rest adjustment allows family members of different heights to enjoy a message since the leg rest automatically adjusts to different heights.
  • A safety lock management system provides additional safety that ensures that the massage chair automatically stops working if an object or unnecessary pressure is detected.
  • Additional features include a remote controller that allows you to customize your massage.
  • Bluetooth Speaker that that allows you to stream your favorite tracks to the chair.
  • A zippered skin that allows for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • A USB port for charging your devices.
  • LED side panels that allow you to see if the chair is operating in the dark.
  • Massage ball and heating system provide various massages including Rub and Pressure, Tapping, Palm Edge Tapping, Finger Pressure, and Combined Massage.
  • A dual air pump that inflates and deflates bladders in the chair to add another dimension to the massage.


Feet, Calves, Hips, Pelvis, Waist, Hands, Arms, Shoulders, and Back are treated to an awesome massage.

Lease Option

A BodyFriend business representative I spoke to at CES told me that because of the high price of these chairs the company leases them for an affordable monthly fee. She told me that many South Korean households find this to be a convenient alternative to buying. This covers maintenance, repairs or replacement if necessary.

This chair is simply amazing. A written description does not do this chair justice.  If you have an opportunity to try a BodyFriend massage chair, do it!

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