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Bleep Update Addresses Serious Issue

Bleep Update

Bleep Update

The most recent Bleep update addresses a serious issue. Back in May we reported that BitTorrent had released its peer-to-peer secure messaging app called Bleep for iOS and Mac. The app was made available to iOS users for the first time and the team behind the famous torrent client got a good response from iOS users. User comments like the following are from the Bleep website: “Software Engineering at it’s finest. If you haven’t read the blog post on this app then you need too. Once you see how it works your gonna want it. Most secure messaging I’ve seen yet.” And, “Amazing! I’m very grateful to bittorrent inc. that they are working on P2P messaging that includes voice calls.”

Serious Issue

There was a critical update for users who reported all of their contacts being offline.  This occurred when users upgraded from version 1.3.135 to version 1.4.648.  The current update 1.5.664 addresses this issue and all online contacts now show their correct status. BitTorrent says, “it is very important that you install this update if you are having this problem”.

In a nutshell, Bleep uses peer to peer rather than a cloud server. It also uses end to end encryption so your messages couldn’t be more secure.  There is a whisper mode where messages disappear after being read, about 25 seconds.

The app is also available for Windows and Android.

Our original article from May which goes into more detail can be found here.

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