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BitTorrent’s Secure Messaging App Bleep is now Available for iOS and Mac

BitTorrent has released its peer-to-peer secure messaging app called Bleep for iOS and Mac. The app has been made available to iOS users for the first time and the team behind the famous torrent client is expecting a good response from iOS users.

How is Bleep different from normal messaging apps? Well, there are two new features that it offers. First, it lets you communicate with your friends without involving a server. It uses peer-to-peer model for communication thereby eliminating the possibility of a breach in a cloud server. This is so because the messages are not communicated via a server in the peer-to-peer model.

The second feature is the end-to-end encryption which means that even if your messages get intercepted by the attacker, they would not be read because they would appear gibberish to the attacker. Furthermore, end-to-end encryption is believed to be more secure than normal encryption techniques because the keys are stored locally on users’ devices.

Bleep offers two modes of communication for text and photos. One is the Whispers mode that makes both images and texts disappear after they have been read or after 25 seconds. It works much like Snapchat where snaps are deleted after a certain time interval. To make this feature more practical, usernames are blurred during chats until the user taps an eye icon after which the message history is blurred. The other mode is called Messages, which stores the messages locally on the device like normal messaging apps.

The idea of end-to-end encryption is not new. Apple already uses the technique in its iMessage and FaceTime apps to provide secure communication. The Cupertino company has also mentioned on its Apple’s privacy page that there is no way the company itself could decrypt the messages stored on its servers. However, Bleep is a step ahead of these apps in providing peer-to-peer communication.

You can also make encrypted voice calls to your friends using Bleep.

To find friends on Bleep, you can add a phone number or email address of your friend to your account. You can also search using your friend’s unique Bleep key.

The iOS app can be downloaded from iTunes, while the Mac app can be downloaded from the Bleep website.

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