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Bitcoin Market Valuation

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According to Coin Shares weekly data released on Tuesday, Bitcoin, and Ethereum cryptocurrency, the two most valuable coins by market valuation, saw heavy inflows last week, with deposits in the sector reaching $489 billion, the highest level since Feb. Last week, Bitcoin earned $441.7 million of shareholder inflows, bringing the total amount made in the previous year to $5.4 million. The preceding week saw record daily outflows from the country’s leading digital currency.

According to reports, Ethereum received $30.2 million in foreign direct investment last week and reached an all-time high of $216 billion in 2021. This year’s total inflows have totaled $5.45 billion. On Tuesday, the cryptocurrency reached a new peak of $3,530, bringing its market capitalization to $393 billion. However, it was down 2.4 percent at $3,353 at the time of writing. Also, visit

“The main cause for the increase seems to be the increasing number of developers developing Altair apps on the blockchain, as well as the growing institutional interest,”

DeFi platforms are cryptocurrency-based lending platforms that enable people to borrow money before going through commercial banks. Minor inflows were seen in other currencies such as Web client, Bitfinex, and Bitcoin.

CNB Revealed

Grayscale was the most prominent digital currency manager as of April 30, with $49.3 billion, up from $41 billion in the previous week. Change in income, the second-largest and largest eCommerce development asset manager, has $5.8 billion in assets under management as of last week, up from $5.2 billion on April 23.

So far this year, total funds under administration have totaled $64.7 billion. The AUM became $19 billion in 2020, up from $2.57 billion throughout 2019. Jim Cramer of CNBC revealed that he controls Ether, the nation’s fastest cryptocurrency, through market capitalization on Tuesday.

“I have a lot of cloud,” Cramer said on “Squawk Box,”

adding that he bought it to compete on nonfungible coins, or NFTs, that Time magazine sold at auction in March. Though Cramer did not say when he purchased Ether, the cryptocurrency began March at around $1,400 and ended the month from about $1,900. The sale for the Period NFT ended on March 24.

Cramer Thoughts

Cramer made his remarks on Tuesday as Ether continued its massive surge in 2021, reaching an all-time peak of just over $3,500. According to Coinbase, the valuation of Ether, which is based on the Ethereum network, has increased by more than 370 percent year to year, with a cumulative market capitalization of much more than $400 billion. Cramer said that he could one day use his Ether to “buy a house,” a nod to his latest disclosure that he sold part of his bitcoin assets to pay off the loans. 

“My Ethereum just gone up massively in value, well I’ve not sold it,”

Cramer said so in a Livestream of his financial blog site The Street on Monday.

“I sold a number of cryptocurrency because I was looking for a place,” he said.

Bitcoin, which would have the largest market capitalization of any digital currency, traded around $55,000 per cryptocurrency on Tuesday, down about 15% from its all-time peak last month but still nearly doubling in 2021. Bitcoin’s overall market cap is just above $1 trillion at the moment, accounting for almost half the entire cryptocurrency market.


Throughout the year 2021, cryptocurrency has progressed more profound into the forefront. The direct listing of cryptocurrency exchange Cryptocurrencies on the Nasdaq next month was hailed as a watershed moment for the nascent virtual currency industry.

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