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A gym wear wardrobe is incomplete without a set of proper workout shirts for women. Whilst a regular top can get you by, a fitting gym shirt for women is the best remedy to all your exercising nemeses including sweat, odor, and tears. Women’s gym t-shirts are designed to be quick-drying, highly flexible, and extremely durable, making them your best companion not only when you’re hitting the gym, but also as casual wear for any dates or meetups. Gym apparel has now transitioned from being solely training garments, to outfits that can be worn as loungewear and party-wear, and women’s workout shirts are no stranger to this, with them being produced using fabric and color schemes that are fashionable, making you look sophisticated throughout the day.  

Seeing this new trend of activewear being used as casualwear, many companies have started their line of gym wear designed to suit your every workout and recreational need. But due to this sudden increase of brands, it has now become a hassle to find a suitable brand that produces high-quality and proper fitting gym shirts that both enhance your training and aid you in getting through the day. But do not fret! We have compiled a list of the top brands that are producing the best workout shirts for women with good features and long-lasting materials, at affordable prices. 


Whenever we hear the term gym wear, SQUATWOLF is the first brand that comes to our mind. This is because of their use of top-notch fabric combinations, coupled with modern designs, and the latest sports innovation techniques, enabling coaches and trainers worldwide to get the most out of their exercise sessions. SQUATWOLF’s line of workout shirts for women consists of tops that are engineered keeping in mind athletic performance, chic styles, and recreational activities, making their line of tops extremely comfortable, trendy, and high-performance. This enables you to upgrade your workout routines and exercise the extra mile, without any worries, hesitations, or irritations.  

If your exercise routine switches between low-impact activities to high-impact training, then the “Warrior Crop Tee” might just be the workout shirt best suited for you. Named after the philosophy that a warrior never backs down, this gym t-shirt for women is designed using high-grade performance fabrics that are designed to withstand even the most intense of workouts and remain unscathed, enabling the warrior in you to train with all their might without any inconveniences. Moreover, it features stunning aesthetics, full upper-body coverage, ultra-soft material, high stretchability, and moisture-wicking tech, aiding you to take your training sessions to the next level with ease. 


Designed to provide extreme comfort and high functionality, LULULEMON’s gym wear enables you to fully focus on your moves, instead of worrying about your gear. Their allotment of workout shirts for women includes both long and short-sleeved tops designed to aid you during your training days, whilst helping you look and feel your best during all forms of recreational activity thereafter. LULULEMON secures its place on this list due to its pleasing pastel color scheme, coupled with highly breathable and buttery-soft fabric, engineered to be extremely flexible and quick-drying, helping you achieve your maximum during any sort of workout.


A brand well-known for its versatility and incredibly designed gym wear, Gymshark is redefining our workout experience. Their range of women’s gym t-shirts includes tops designed for both recreational as well as training activities. Their workout tops are designed using exceptional quality compression material, manufactured to be highly flexible, sweat-wicking, and deodorizing. This coupled with their simplistic yet elegant looks, gets this brand the third spot on this list. In terms of versatility, their workout shirts for women include crop tops, loose tees, training tees, oversized tees, sports tops, and many more, each available in either long or short sleeve designs. 


A brand whose aim is to empower women all around the world, towards a fit and healthy lifestyle. Women’s gym t-shirts of this brand consist of optimal materials that flatter and sculpt your upper body, allowing you to build up endurance so that you can easily beat your highest workout durations. Their line of women’s workout shirts is not only designed to motivate and aid you throughout the day but should also be regarded for its stunning products and styles. 


An eco-conscious brand that aims to fulfill its responsibility to both the people and the planet, by providing women worldwide with sustainable gym wear made using recycled material, Sweaty Betty gets its place in this list due to its positive environmental impact. Their range of gym t-shirts for women is manufactured using impeccable materials that are highly soft to touch, extremely breathable, and provide an amazing luxurious appeal look-wise. The quality of this brand is that it has categorized its tops according to the activities they are made for, this includes yoga tops, training tees, running shirts, boxy tees, and many other recreational options as well. Their vibrant colors, eye-catching designs, innovative features, and effective fabrics are what has enabled this brand to rise to fame in today’s fitness industry.  


With this list, we hope that all your gym gear troubles concerning women’s workout shirts will be easily resolved, allowing you to hit the gym and burn some major calories as soon as possible. 

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