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Best Ways To Increase Your Website Traffic For Making More Sales

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Free website visitors are of course the least expensive method of getting traffic, which is available in a variety of places including social networks, social bookmarks, and search engines. Therefore, The main advantage of buy cheap traffic is reaching new, incremental users who would otherwise not know of your content. As well as being faster, paid traffic is generally more predictable and controllable. This allows publishers to dial up traffic when it suits them and ensure that traffic meets their needs regarding the user profile, interests, intent, and landing page.

On the other hand, this is simply not the easiest strategy. A few of the internet sites that provide this particular service can not guarantee you excellent high-quality targeted traffic.

You should not depend on paid-for website traffic by itself as it may seriously take a big chunk from your earnings. Most Online marketing business owners rely on no-cost website traffic to make their campaigns far more manageable.

Below are some best ways that can help you to increase website traffic and help in generating more sales/conversions for your business.

SEO and Keyword Research

Keyword research and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) go hand in hand but it is important to understand how they both impact your business. There are numerous ways to get traffic to your website but I find that the most effective is SEO.

Using search engines is by far the best way to get Traffic mainly because it costs you nothing but also because visitors are more targeted by these engines because they are actually searching for information using keywords that you have used to optimize your article.

Using the Google AdWords Keyword Tool, choose a high-traffic phrase (not too high) from your website’s main page (or index page). A tip here: make sure you look at the left-hand column and untick ‘broad’ and tick ‘exact’ for a more accurate result.

Then from the list of lower-traffic phrases that the tool gives you, pick some of the less competitive phrases for your articles.

Don’t worry if a phrase only has a small monthly global search of say 50 as you have a better chance of those searching for that phrase coming to your site.

Long-Tail Keywords

Choosing a high search phrase just means you will get buried by the competition and are unlikely to get any visitors. If you concentrate on building up your presence on the Internet using long-tail phrases then over time your monthly visitors will start to rise and then you can go for more competitive keyword phrases.

Use tools such as Semrsuh and Ahrefs for your keyword research game. Here is an in-depth comparison of both the tools – Semrush vs Ahrefs that can help you to know which is best for you.

High-Ranking Internet Directories

Another excellent tactic for developing cost-free online traffic would be to start with obtaining one-way links from good quality internet directories. Exactly what is a directory site?

A directory website differs from an internet search engine. Web directories are run by actual individuals who evaluate submitted websites and choose whether or not the website complies with certain requirements to get listed.

Web directories can be a huge portion of your visitor traffic, so make submitting to them a large element of your traffic-building marketing campaign. Make certain your internet site is presentable prior to uploading to directories so you do not waste valuable time.

Article Marketing

One great method that is very popular today to get no-cost site traffic is article marketing. People today use many popular article submission sites which already rank high in search engines like Google to locate information and facts.

Article promotion allows you to publish content articles associated with your subject within these web directories. Every article includes a backlink to your website which many of the article viewers will check out. Your site visitors will discover your article first, and after that make their way to your website.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is extremely effective if done correctly. Imagine sending a message about your new product to a bunch of people who then pass it on to other people because they thought it was so cool. But the best thing about viral marketing is that anyone can do it and get website traffic for free.

The success of a viral marketing campaign is only as great as the product it sells. Everyone wants to give their list of the best products and services so your product has to be really good if you want it to reach a lot of people.

An example of how to get website traffic from a viral marketing campaign is to create an e-book or a report and send it out for free to some targeted recipients.

You just let other people pass it on for you and provided your e-book/report is of fairly good quality and it provides useful information, you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

Join social networking Websites

The rise in Social Networking today is tremendous and has become a top priority for smart webmasters. Popular sites such as Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, and LinkedIn can generate a huge amount of free web traffic if you tactfully network with the other members without resorting to spamming.

Popular social networking Websites including Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter attract millions of visitors daily. Thus, just by getting associated with these Websites, you can increase your chances to increase Website traffic.

To get started you have to register yourself with these sites, place a link in their profile pages and start networking.

Similarly, Social Bookmarking Sites such as Digg, Delicious, StumbleUpon, and Reddit can generate large amounts of free traffic to your website.

After registering with these sites you can bookmark your websites, articles, blog posts, or any other form of web content that can be made available to the public thereby generating free website traffic to your website.

Let them know how they can benefit from your products and services. Web sites such as LinkedIn are mainly business Websites, wherein you can find many like-minded people and increase your chances to get Website traffic.

Write newsletters

Writing newsletters is one of the most popular ways to get instant website traffic. By writing newsletters, you can provide useful information to your prospective customers.

You can answer their queries, solve their issues and provide them with the desired information. You can also write about your own business and inform your clients how they can benefit from your services or products. Make sure to send email newsletters to them regularly.

For instance, you can consider sending newsletters on the first Saturday of every month. This can be a very good way to get Website traffic.

Blog comments

Blog commenting is very similar to forum marketing and can generate targeted cheap website traffic. The key here is to be one of the first ones to make a comment on a high-traffic blog that gets a lot of comments.

Setting up Google alerts for your keywords and using them as it happens feature will assure you that you will be notified when a new blog has been posted and leaving a blog comment and leaving your website address in the appropriate area will bring in cheap website traffic.

A really cool free software that will notify you when a new blog has been posted is comment sniper.

Once again, do not spam the blogs. Take the time to read the blog post and leave a valuable comment that is relevant to the subject matter, and then leave the website address to your website.

Here is a tip when linking to your website from blog commenting:

Deep-link into your site to a page that is relevant to the blog post. Make sure to enter the full extension URL. This will make sure that the cheap website traffic that comes to your site is still targeted website traffic.

Google Adwords

Google AdWords is a paid advertising way of promoting your website. If you have done a Google search you will see at the right-hand side of the search results sponsored listings. Online marketers pay for this search engine results page placement.

The higher your bid the higher you are ranked in the search engine results. You want to know the specifics about Google AdWords advertising however because you can spend money quickly and not necessarily get the results you want. Use tools such as Semrush to have an eye on your rival’s AdWords strategy. Activate a Semrush free trial and use its features worth $119.95 for free.

One Way Back Link

One of the easiest ways to get your website noticed by a search engine will be to get high PR sites to link back to your site.

Some of the ways of getting backlinks or inbound links as some called it are to comment on threads in a forum like a warrior forum with the link in your sig box, write a compelling article with the link in your resource box, and put links in your social sites like Twitter.

This is one of the fastest ways to increase targeted website traffic and you should start with this method.


Massive website traffic can be generated with the use of blogs. These days it is almost inconceivable to have a website that does not have, at least a blog.

Though blogs can and do exist on their own, the use of blogs in driving tons of traffic to a website is something not to be missed. Blogs have many uses and layouts. What they have in common is content. These contents could be text (writings), audio, video, or all.

Classified Ads

This is also usually underrated. A classified ad in the right medium, which could be on or offline can bring surprising results in generating website traffic.

The key is to utilize every available means and to be consistent. If after a while, particular mediums are showing results, it helps to focus on those, and not waste time and energy on the non-productive ones. The more mediums, the better, for more exposure.

Sending Emails

You don’t want to send spam. But, if you can rent or build a good list of emails and provide your readers with interesting information, not just sales pitches, you can create a lot of website traffic. Renting a list is sometimes a good idea.

You can partner with other sites, possibly ones that have been building their lists for years. When someone visits one of those sites, they are asked if they would like to receive information from their partner sites.

Assuming that they “opt in”, it could bring you the website traffic that you need and that could be the beginning of a busy future for you.

Video Marketing

Videos are an excellent way to drive traffic to your site because they are so popular right now. “How to”, Q&A, talking head, and slide shows are some of the types of videos that you can create.

The content for your videos can come from your blog posts, articles, and free reports. You should make sure that you always redirect your viewers back to your website.

YouTube is the best place to host your videos because it is ranked very high in search engines. Also, a lot of people go to YouTube to search for information.


Accuracy applies to how you create the title, description, and tags of your website. They all need to be accurate in conveying the website’s subject.

They will serve as keywords that search engine algorithms will use in categorizing your site. They will also help search engines in directing highly relevant traffic to your site.

Affiliate Programs

Create an affiliate program that you can offer to interested individuals. Once you already have affiliate members, these people can help you in promoting your website.

They can help generate more traffic to your site. Moreover, you can also submit your affiliate program to appropriate directories to further increase web traffic generation.

Importance of Organic Traffic Optimization

There are a ton of different traffic generation techniques. However, it is important to note that not all traffic optimization techniques are the same. It is crucial to differentiate between long-term and short-term techniques.

I am an advocate of long-term gains, and thus I will suggest using methods that will ensure long-term traffic gains. Sure, employing short-term solutions, such as buying targeted traffic, exchanging links, exchanging banners, or even giving in to blackhat techniques makes traffic generation a lot easier, but is it really worth it?

The definitive answer is “no”. The only sure way to increase your website traffic is long-term, organic, optimization.

You won’t need to pay a cent to anybody, receive a healthy amount of traffic that will only grow with time, you won’t get punished by Google for employing malicious strategies; best of all: organic optimization is a lot easier than many people make it out to be.


Knowing Website Traffic Secrets is essential to business success as well as writing interesting, informative, and optimized articles as these are the key to getting them indexed by search engines.

The engines will drive that traffic for you and after that, it is up to you to sell your product or services.

You need a good tracking system to get a good idea of which sources are actually bringing you the best traffic as well as the most conversions and which products are giving you the most profit.

With a good tracking system in place, determining which traffic sources are best for your website becomes very easy. Happy Marketing!

Shubham Chopra


AUTHOR’s Bio: I am Shubham Chopra, founder of Marketing Savior and an exuberant content creator with a great zest for providing insightful reviews about digital products that will help startups & SMEs penetrate into the online world easily. Facebook –  Website –

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