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Best Storage Hacks You Wish You Knew Earlier

Self Storage Units

Do you live in a small apartment and have limited space for your stuff at home? Our guests are showing up at the weekend for a stay, and you need to clean up that extra room? Book a storage unit, and you will feel relieved from all of it in an instant. Keep in mind that the rent of storage units costs less than any expenses you have to make to move your stuff. Cheap storage units by SSO help you find one.

Storage units keep your belongings safe and protected. Check out the steps to select the perfect self storage unit for best results.

Here are some hacks you must follow when you decide to book a storage unit.


Making a list helps you complete your work quickly. List down the material you’ll be needing while packing the stuff, i.e., Boxes, Tape, Bubble wrap, etc. Get all the things before you start packing so that you can wrap all your property in an organized way.

Moreover, please take a note of all the stuff you’re packing and intending to keep it in a storage unit. This will help you remember everything you have saved in the unit.


Adding labels on the boxes will help you find out the stuff quickly and efficiently when you collect it from the storage unit, e.g., if you label a few boxes as “Living room” or “Kitchen,” you will easily pick out the desired item instantly.


The heavier items should be packed in small boxes and light items in large ones. Some things such as tools should be placed in smaller packages. And pillows, blankets, and sheets should be placed in larger containers to avoid heavy weight lifting. And always keep the lower boxes above the heavier ones to prevent any possible harm to your essential items. Also, while packing the items in the boxes on top of each other, place a blanket or cloth under them to save them from scratches.


Avoid over-packing stuff in the boxes; it makes them difficult to carry and move from one place to another. You better get another box or a few smaller boxes rather than over-packing all of the things in one box and risk your essentials.


Always go for high-quality boxes when it comes to packing your essentials. Low-quality boxes can be risky and may harm your stuff. Getting clean boxes is also important. If you’re keeping your clothes or other valuable things, clean and pest-free boxes should be used.


Use masking tape for mirrors and glass to keep them intact and avoid breaking. Also, you should always place such items in bubble wrap to provide them extra protection. Place the tape around glass or mirror items in an ‘X’ manner. So if anything gets shattered, the mess will remain restricted to the box.


More oversized items like mattresses, appliances, and sofas should be appropriately placed to maximize the storage unit. The vertical placement of such goods is preferred. It gives ample space for the remaining things in the unit.

Moreover, place your most essential belongings at the place where you can reach them instantly when you need to grab them from the unit. Placing them near the unit face would be easier to access for the owners later. It will save your time and energy, and you will not face crawling through all of the stuff stored in the unit looking for that one thing.


Mattress protector keeps your mattress intact and ultimately protects it from any harm. Keeping beds in the unit without the protector may increase the risk of decay and mold. The mattress protector is much cheaper than the new mattress, so it is worth the investment.


Leaving a space in your unit will help you access the items quickly. You will not face damage to the valuable items trying to push them convincingly, which may damage the stuff.

Now you know all the hacks you need for the storage. SO WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? Book a storage unit now and keep all your belongings in it like a pro. Browse for a storage facility in Portsmouth by STORED and get suitable units for yourself.

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