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Best Shoes for Line Dancing and How to Choose Them

Cowboy Boots

A line dance looks exactly like you might imagine from the name. A group of people stand in a line and synchronously perform dance movements. Although it is considered to be closely related to American culture, this style is common to many folk dances, and modern line dance classes combine many styles like salsa, swing, rock and roll, and so on. Despite all this, line dancing is strongly associated with cowboy culture, so dancers often wear denim and cowboy boots. Shoes are critical to your comfort because fun dancing can go on for hours. How to choose them, we will tell in this article.

Two Main Types

As with any sport, in dancing, the right footwear is critical to your performance and health. Reliable arch support and fixation of your ankle and foot as a whole are vital in line dancing. Therefore, when choosing shoes, first of all, you should pay attention to their quality and then only to appearance and design (although they are also quite important). Professionals recommend having two pairs of shoes that you can change depending on where exactly you are planning to perform:

  • cowboy boots are ideal for dancing on flat and smooth dance floors;
  • specialized sneakers are excellent dance shoes for carpet, sand, and grass.

Purchase two of these pairs of shoes and change shoes depending on the surface on the site where the performance takes place.

5 Factors to Consider

Cowboy boots and dance sneakers are very different in their look. However, the criteria you need to consider when choosing the right shoes are suitable for any type of footwear for line dancing.

1. Size

Athletes often take shoes half a size larger for more comfort. Such an approach is not allowed in dance. Line dance footwear should fit perfectly on the leg, not dangle, and securely hold the foot in place. Remember that leather boots will definitely stretch, so adjust the size accordingly.

2. Comfort

Pay attention to the instep, the toe shape, the heel height, and the bootleg. All these elements should fix your leg but at the same time not restrict your movements. Uncomfortable shoes can lead to foot fatigue and even injury, so always try on the model before buying.

3. Material

Leather boots and sneakers are classic for line dancing. They are quite durable, easy to care for, and therefore ideal for beginners. Suede shoes are also recommended as they are incredibly soft to the touch and very flexible while still holding the foot in place.

4. Heels

Unlike Latin or European styles, line dance does not have strict guidelines regarding the shape and size of heels. Choose their height depending on your experience and comfort. Cuban-style heels are considered the most stable and versatile. While it may seem like sneakers don’t have heels, they do. They have a certain drop between the toe and the heel, which should be chosen depending on the position of your foot (neutral, pronation, or supination).

5. Design

Dancing is a complex art that includes not only the right movements but also the perfect outfits. Choose cowboy boots and sneakers to match your clothes. Although it is usually required for professional performances and competitions, you will definitely feel fabulous in matching apparel.

Perfect Pair of Shoes for Your Perfect Dance

Generally, for line dancing, it is better to purchase two pairs of shoes: cowboy boots (classic option) and dance sneakers (modern option). Be sure to try them before buying, and pay attention to arch support, quality, absorbency, and overall comfort. Your footwear should be flexible enough to let you move freely yet firm enough to prevent injury. Choose your shoes wisely because they should last you more than one season.

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