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Best New Apps Updated Daily

On December 17th‘s leadership change, Senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller was made the head of worldwide marketing for the Apple App Store. The first glimpse of change in the App Store is now visible ever since Phil Schiller took on the role of the head of worldwide marketing for the App Store. The previous head Eddy Cue was changed because the developers were not satisfied with the direction in which Mac App store was going. Phil Schiller is the current head for both the iOS App Store and the Mac App Store.

In a period of three months, the changes in the way the App Store operates have started to become visible to the users. We can now see more frequent updates for the best new apps section on the featured page. This keeps users more aware of the best applications that have been recently launched. Phil Schiller himself has acknowledged the changes being made and has also said that more changes will follow in the coming days.

Previously, the Best New Apps section was updated on a weekly basis on every Thursday. However now the best Best New App section is updated on a daily basis, Phil Schiller had also mentioned this in his tweet. This change increases the activity of the featured App every day which makes it more informative and user-friendly.

This change is not only user-friendly but is also friendly for developers as they can now catch the most prominent apps on the App Store. Keeping in mind Phil Schiller’s tweet it becomes pretty obvious that more changes on the App Store are on the way. Previously, video previews were also included in TvOS App Store.

Changes being introduced by Phil Schiller obviously makes the App store friendly for both the end users and the developers. Phil Schiller has been pretty involved with users on twitter as well, he had also replied to a random App Store mention. All users will now be looking forward to new changes that Phil Schiller introduces in the App store.

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