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Best Mobile Phone Tracker Apps, Spy Phone Apps with GPS Tracking

Mobile Phone Tracking App

Top Mobile Phone Tracker Apps

Children are the most precious gifts for every parent. They always want to know where their child is and want to make sure about their safety. But nowadays, it has become difficult for the parents to keep an eye on their child personally.

Questions are raised by many parents that, is there any way through which they can spy locations of their child without spending any cost?

The answer to their question is yes. Technology has favored us through various types of best mobile phone tracker apps that can be very useful for a parent. Through these applications, they can know where their child is any time they want to know. And all this can be done without knowing them.

Not only parents but any of those who want to spy on their interests and assure their safety such as employers, people in relationships, can use these applications easily and track their loved ones’ locations and other activities easily.

So here are the solutions for both the problems. Here are some well-known Spy Phone Apps with GPS Tracking that can be of your help.

1. Spyine

The most trending and one of the most leading phone tracking applications is Spyine. Through this application, you can conveniently track any mobile phone or tablet. It contains all the features that are included in all the other spy phone apps.

Similarly, it is easily accessible to any internet browser via the account that you have registered to the application. The most important and exciting feature of Spyine is that it regularly updates you directly in your browser from where you have accessed it. 

Also, it is perfectly secure as it keeps your details private and never stores or allows anyone to export them out of the application.

2. Spyic

spyic homepage

As the children of this generation are largely involved in texting and involving themselves in social media activities, it has become essential for the parents to make sure that they are not involved in any illegal or spiteful activity with anyone. Spyic is the most amazing application that can help you make you alert if anything happens like this.

Spyic can track locations, messages, calls, and applications that are used in mobile phones easily. Along with all such features it also consists of the following terms of features:

  • Call Tracker
  • Track SMS
  • Track Location
  • Geofence Alert
  • Track FB Messages
  • WhatsApp Spy
  • Snapchat Spy
  • Instagram Spy
  • Viber Spy
  • Stealth mode
  • Track Website History
  • Track SIM Location

3. Spyier

The second amazing spy phone application is Spyier that involves features like tracking phone calls, SMS, apps, location, etc. Through this app, anyone can conveniently view incoming and outgoing calls of the targeted device. One can easily get access to call durations of old and new phone calls.

Spyier application is accessible through any web browser easily. Some setup instructions will be given to you after you have picked up the plan according to your tracking activity. Besides, this application can work for both androids as well as an IOS device without any problem.

4. Minspy

Minspy Banner

Minspy is another best tracking application that can help you track the device you want to spy on even through a long distance. You can get access to Minspy through any device that contains the internet. It can be your smartphone, laptop, desktop, or even tablet.

Minspy mobile applications can be supported by most android and iOS devices easily. The procedure you need to follow for monitoring the device is to sign up for the application for free, install the respective application and start your spy activity on that particular device. Some of its main features are:

  • Browsing contact list
  • Message reader
  • Calls history
  • Internet browser history

5. Neatspy

Neatspy banner

Parents are always concerned about the ways their children are using their cell phones. Such as who they are calling, which application they are using, and most importantly what are they browsing in their web browsers. Neatspy is another best spy phone application that is going to take parent’s problems away.

Through Neatspy, parents can now keep an eye on real-time location and activities on their phones easily. They can conveniently go through the messages, calls, application usage, contacts, WhatsApp, geo-fence, and stealth mode, etc.

6. Teensafe

Teensafe is one of the best and another mobile phone tracker invention of the technology. It is specially made for those parents who are unable to take care of their child’s activities and want to know what they are doing their whole day. Simply after signing up for free through a new Teensafe account you can start monitoring the activities of your kid.

The only thing you need is an email address that is accessible only by you so that you can be the only one to track the activities of your child. After you have created the Teensafe account, you have to install the application on any of your devices such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, or even desktops.

7. Safespy

If you want to get the whole data of any device, Safespy is the perfect choice for your work. Through this spy phone application with GPS tracking, you can easily get the data of your targeted mobile phone without knowing the owner about it. It has been made possible by the next-gen technology coupled with a super-sleek stealth design.

Along with the entire data, you can also monitor the social media activities, live location, keylogger, hidden phone tracking of that particular mobile phone easily. You are only required to create your account with an email address and password and access your dashboard to start your spy mobile phone application.

8. Spyzie

Spyzie is one of the most used mobile phone tracking applications by parents all over the globe. Also, it has been used and recommended by the owners of companies so that they can keep an eye on their staff members without getting them informed.

How much time your child is spending on texting or an employee during their working hours, anything you want to know can be tracked by Spyzie suitably. The process of getting connected to this amazing spy application has been made easier with a single step of signing up for free.

9. Fone Monitor

We have seen a regular search for an app that can give assurance to the parents that their child is safe every time. Considering this search as an essential one, Fone Monitor has been discovered especially for the parents. Through this, they can track that where their child has been throughout the day and where they are at that particular time.

Along with the location tracking, Fone Monitor includes many other powerful features that can help parents, employers, and many other people who want to track someone’s activities without facing any difficulty.

10. Cocospy

No matter which type of device your children or your employees are using! Cocospy can track any type of device easily whether it is an android smartphone, iOS, or tablet. You can never get detected through your account once you have registered yourself through an email address into this smart application.

Parents already know that the internet is not a safe place for their child, and employers may be facing a fear of getting their business breakdown by any of their employees. Cocospy can give you out of it and let you track the activities of kids for parents and staff members for employers.


All the above mentioned are the best mobile phone tracker apps that can help parents to keep an eye on their child and help the companies to track the activities of their staff. Well, this is up to you what type of application is perfect for you according to your concerns.

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