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Best Learning Apps to Become an Ace Student

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Mobile phones, grades, and students in the same sentence are a recipe for disaster. As a student struggling with grades right now, the very first advice that you might get from people is to cut your screen time. From screen time tracking apps to social media blocking apps, there are so many ways to minimize your screen time that it will leave you baffled. However, what if you can use the same screen time for learning and crushing your grades? Seems too good to be true, for most!

Now with learning and progress monitoring apps, students can turn their online time into a fun learning experience via educational apps. These apps are diverse and designed for people of all ages, genders, majors, and all interests. These apps can turn any boring lecture into an exciting knowledge-based topic.

According to behavioral and developmental studies, the learning experience cannot be caged in one domain. The more sense you get involved in the learning process, the more effectively you will be able to process information.

The data learned by involving multiple senses will be retrieved in detail and the information will stay with you for the long term. This learning model is called the VARK model. This study model highlights the four pillars of learning i.e. visual learning, auditory learning, kinesthetic learning, and finally, the conventional learning style that mainly includes reading and writing.

In the traditional school method, most of us depend on reading and writing only. With such a boring and laborious learning method, most of the information is lost and students are left with partial information that lacks details.

This is where these learning apps will help. To benefit from these learning apps you need to have a phone and a steady internet connection. Your internet connection should allow you to stay connected at all times without any lag or jitter.

If you are struggling with your current internet, you can always explore better internet options. One of the best names in the internet industry is Comcast. To explore the prices and details about the bundle that you should subscribe to you can check Comcast Internet Español.

Best Apps to Help You Score Better in School

With so many apps currently available online, it can get a little confusing to choose the best option. However, while choosing from different apps, you need to make sure that your learning app is not one-dimensional. The learning app must offer you good learning exposure, recalling aid, productivity boost, and attention-stimulating cues. In most cases, you will not find all these features within one app instead you will have to find multiple apps that serve your purpose. After choosing these apps you can then align them according to your use.

If you are still confused, here are some of the best learning apps that will help you ace your score and reach the maximum learning curve.


Available on: iOS and Android

Do you miss important deadlines all the time? Well, you are not the only one. Todoist will help never miss a deadline again by keeping a tab on everything. Todoist is one of the very few apps that is used by everyone. Even professionals working in corporate environments also rely on Todoist. It is a digital to-do list-keeping app that will help you list down everything that you need to complete. From timeline listing style to organizing the tasks based on priority, setting deadlines, and daily reminders, this is an app that can do it all.


Available on: Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Web

Taking notes mean you can scribble on a piece of paper that is illegible or inaccessible when you need it the most. Evernote will change your note-taking skill to a whole new level. With Evernote, your phone will become your book, handouts, or any study material you want. The Evernote app can easily be integrated with any other device so you can study anytime. You can add handwritten notes or just add clip art to make your study material more interesting. You can add diagrams, graphs, figures, or any study help material that will make it easy for you to learn. Evernote also offers you an option to add PDF, word files ad PowerPoint presentations so everything stays accessible.

Khan Academy

Available on: Android, iOS, and web

Do you ever wonder why you can remember all the lyrics and dialogues from movies but cannot seem to learn a math formula? Well, Khan Academy will be your tutor at home or any place you want. Now with Khan Academy, you will have free access to the best-earning material about every topic. Khan Academy is a critically acclaimed app and it offers you diverse courses that will eventually boost your learning capacity by aiding each concept with helpful tutorials and demonstrative videos.


Available on: Android and iOS

Have you ever forgotten everything you have learned? Well, you are not alone. Experts in the brain development and neurology department explain that no matter how good you are at learning unless you do not revise and recall, your brain will keep losing the details. Studyblue is an app that has been designed to help students recall information by using digital flashcards. To make full use of this app, you have to upload all the study material on the app and then generate electronic flashcards. These flashcards can be practiced with the help of a friend or you can also take a practice quiz. The app also allows digital sharing so you can share a flash card with friends.

myHomework Student Planner

Available on: Android, iOS, and Windows

Planning and management of tasks is the only thing that will help you differentiate yourself from an average student. With myHomework, you can digitally plan all your homework-related tasks, classes, tests, and assignments. The app allows you to keep tabs on upcoming events and tasks so you can plan things ahead of time.

Bottom Line

To sum it all up, as a student balancing social life and academic life can be challenging. However, these learning apps help you keep all your study material with you at all times, so you can turn any place into your study room.

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