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The Best iOS Apps That Can Help Students Study

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iOS Apps That Can Help Students Study

Today, a large percent of educational content is mobile-friendly and accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Mobile phones are not the future of education—they are already making their mark in our world. With the exploding app market, it has now become easier and convenient for students to learn faster and obtain amazing transcripts. Educators are also leveraging these app platforms to reach students across the entire world, with the only goal of helping them be more productive, study efficiently and successfully pass all exams.

In fact, study apps can be a boon for many students who want to move beyond the traditional boundaries of education and explore every facet of it without relying much on manual assistance – which is not available to everyone, every time. By taking advantage of these apps, students can learn more efficiently, get the best grades possible and also improve their overall skills in a fun and convenient way. For example, if you are not good at writing, but want to craft a killer essay content that impresses your teachers or admission officers, then there are several apps that can help you hone your essay writing skills. Although they may not provide you complete essay writing service as it is offered by this website, they do provide great suggestions to help you improve and get things done quickly.

There are also some apps that help you learn various foreign languages at your own pace, wherever you want. In all, study apps prove that learning doesn’t have to be boring always. It can be as creative and interesting as any other activity. However, with so many apps available on the App store, it can be difficult for students to make the right selection without wasting their time.

To help you out, we have listed 11 most popular and helpful educational iOS apps that you can utilize if you are a student.

Focus Keeper1. Focus Keeper Free: Work & Study Timer

Many students struggle with focus during their study time. This iOS app uses known Pomodoro technique to boost students’ productivity. If you use it, you will easily stay on your studying task without losing concentration. Even though Focus Keeper is an enemy of procrastination and a friend of hard work, it will also prevent you from feeling exhausted and not being motivated, as exhaustion can lead you to burnout. Its interface is easy-to-use, and you can track your productivity. All the mentioned features can help you in becoming more focused.

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Essay Checklist2. Essay Checklist – Write Better Essays and Get the Highest Grade

College time is a busy time for any student. Sometimes it is hard to keep up with all the college tasks. With all the studying for the exams, it can be difficult to stick to deadlines. Essay Checklist is a time-saver because it creates checklists instead of you so you can get an A. It cannot provide you with an essay writing assistance for a specific topic but it can help you in perfecting your writing style. It includes suggestions in word choice, transition phrases, and point of view. All these features can help you write your essay easier and within the given deadline.  

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Socratic Math3. Socratic Math & Homework Help

Math and science problems can be hard to solve sometimes, but homework has to be done. This homework app is a math and science tutor you can keep in your pocket. It uses your camera to scan a problem and then shows you the answer to it. It can be handy if you are practicing for a math exam and need a tutor to check your solutions. Also, if you need an explanation of a math or science problem, this app can provide you with it.

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Study4. Study

Students rarely live in environments that are quiet enough for studying. Noisy environments can distract you and make you unproductive. They affect your ability to focus. You need soothing sounds to enhance your learning. Study is an iOS app that allows you to listen to various sounds such as birdsong from nature. The app includes sounds that enhance your cognitive functions and help you focus in a noisy environment. When you concentrate, you are able to study efficiently.

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Duolingo5. Duolingo

Knowing many foreign languages is always beneficial—it gives you advantages over other people, especially when you graduate and start searching for a job. Duolingo is an app that combines educational content and a game-like design (with trophies to reward achievements), which makes it more interesting if you want to learn a new language. You can study by reading sentences and listening to audio examples. You can also practice your pronunciation using your phone’s microphone. Duolingo also offers certificates if you complete a language course.

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My Homework6. My Homework Student Planner

Usually, a good organization of your studying time will lead to your success during the exam season. However, it can be hard to organize well if you are under stress. This app is an online student planner that allows you to think less about relevant calendar days as it will remind you of them. You can also track your progress in completing assignments and projects at college and taking tests.

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7. Quizlet Flashcards

Changing learning style from time to time can help you be more productive. You can switch between learning styles such as auditory and visual. One of the interesting studying methods you can try is to create games in Quizlet. You can use this iOS app to create flashcards for any subject. Sometimes memorizing visually and creating games and various learning activities can work better for you than simply reading books and repeating sentences.

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Learn World Geography8. Learn World Geography

With over 1000 countries and capitals, you can carry a globe with yourself. This app has over 1000 flashcards that are scientifically optimized to help you gain geography knowledge faster. If you need a quick look on a country, you can use the search option to browse through the flashcards. Instantly look for countries in Asia and Africa or ancient cities in Peru.

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9. ForvoForvo

When you study languages, it is always good to hear the authentic pronunciation of words. Native speakers are always the best teachers. With over 350 languages and 4 million pronounced words, this iOS app is an effective way to practice language skills. There are words that are pronounced in several accents, and you can play them all. 

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Photomath10. Photomath

This is an app that provides you with a camera calculator. You can use the camera to scan a mathematical problem and quickly find out the solution. Photomath is an iOS app that recognizes handwriting, so if you need help with arithmetics, equations, logarithms, etc., just scan the math problem. You will get a detailed solution and an instruction on how to solve the problem. Pretty easy.

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My Study Life11. My Study Life – School Planner

Planning your study sessions carefully can be crucial in passing all your exams during exam season. This app lets you organize your homework assignments, class material, revisions, and exams. You can create tasks and get notifications and reminders for assignments you haven’t completed yet. You can also access it at any time from your iPhone.

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With each new year, educators bring innovations and enhance ways of teaching and learning. The quality of learning resources has been significantly improved in the past several years.

With a wide range of iOS apps you can choose from, your learning can become easier, more interesting and more successful.

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