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The Best iOS 8 Weather Widget For Notification Center – Forecast+

forecast+ best ios 8 weather widget notification center

Android and Windows Phone have had widgets for several years, and it is only now – in late 2014 – that iOS 8 is getting similar functionality. Widgets on iOS 8 live in the Notification Center; the home screens are still a grid of icons. We will be covering the best iOS 8 notification center widgets in the next few days and weeks. We start by covering the best iOS 8 weather widget!

forecast+ best ios 8 weather widget settings

Frankly speaking, there aren’t a lot of options for iOS 8 weather widgets at the moment. There’s the ever-popular Yahoo! Weather, the built-in Weather app, and we’ve just come across Forecast+.

Yahoo! Weather is an excellent app, but a) it is exceptionally slow on my old iPhone and b) the weather widget is downright ugly. It looks like a sloppy, straight-up copy of the Android widget; it does not fit well with iOS 8 at all.

The built-in Weather app’s widget is a textual widget. It is frankly kind of embarrassing.

Forecast+ Is The Best iOS 8 Weather Widget

forecast+ best ios 8 weather widget notification center

Now, it is the very last option – Forecast+ – that completely floored us. Forecast+ is not an app itself, it is simply a weather and forecast widget for iOS 8. The main app doesn’t do anything other than informing you on how to set up the widget, and change settings.

Forecast+ looks right at home in the iOS 8 Notification Center. The typography, iconography, and layout all match perfectly with iOS 8’s design language. Weather data is provided by OpenWeatherMap. The layout can be adjusted to show information in a more compact layout if you like – something iPhone 4S users will really appreciate, as iOS 8 feels genuinely cramped on its 3.5″ display.

If you are conscious of how the software looks, and are in the market for an iOS 8 weather widget, look no further. Forecast+ is available for $0.99 from the link below.

Note From The Editor:

Forcast is no longer available in the App Store

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