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In today’s digital world where documents can be shared over a single click, human presence everywhere to sign those documents is not possible at all. You need a way to sign documents digitally.  

PDF or Portal Document Format is the most famed file format. With the help of a reliable PDF signing tool, one can easily sign PDFs from anywhere and share them instantly. It eliminates the need of having a physical presence to sign the documents.

In this article, we will talk about a high-end and advanced PDF signing tool that is worthy of your trust, money, and efforts.

CocoSign – Easy and Reliable Way To Sign a PDF without Any Worries 

CocoSign is business owners’ most trusted way to electronic records and PDFs easily, quickly, and securely. It has been trusted by many businesses already and its secure PDF signing facility has been applauded by many leading media houses.

In fact, it has won many awards such as the Rising Star Award, Quality Choice, Great User Experience Award 2020, and many more.


Because of all these features, CocoSign has etched its name in golden words. Click on this link to know more about using CocoSign to sign PDF online

How Good Is CocoSign as a Free PDF Signing Tool?

CocoSign has emerged as one of the most trusted ways to sign PDFs virtually without any hassles and worries. This has been concluded based on some facts. Here is a quick explanation of those facts:

Security like never before 

Business PDFs contain very crucial information. No business owner can compromise on the security of this information. This is not going to happen when you are using CocoSign. 

CocoSign is out of those few online PDF signing tools that can make zero compromises on data security. It adheres to the industry’s best security protocols and meets all the compliances such as GDPR, PCI DSS, SOC 2 Type 2, and HIPAA certifications.

Every data shared via CocoSign is layered with multiple security protocols and is well encrypted. Its encryption is so strong that not a single piece of information is saved on the server and exposed to any kind of cyber world’s vulnerabilities later.  

As if all of this was not enough, there is a SOC 2 certificate supporting the CocoSign. Owning this certificate means that the tool safeguards the on-cloud data by all means. 

Bundle PDF signing facility 

Depending upon the business size and amount of document processing, there could be thousands of PDFs to get signed per day. Doing this manually can be a highly tedious job. 

CocoSign saves time and effort with the batch sign feature. Using this feature, one can easily sign tens to thousands of PDFs over a single click. It has a very positive impact on a business’s productivity as well.

In addition to this, it supports multiple file formats for easy and quick PDF sign processing. PDF is out of multiple formats supported by CocoSign. File formats like jpg, docx, PDF, XLS, PNG, and JPG are also supported by this free PDF signing tool. 

Multiple in-built signature templates

CocoSign comes with a wide range of in-built signature templates. You can save a huge deal of time and effort by picking up the template and designing your signs over a single click. 

Not happy with the in-built templates? You have the freedom to create your very own custom template. You can add the business logo as well. This way, you can create a digital sign that will reflect your brand identity and philosophy as well. 

Amazing flexibility and mobility 

CocoSign helps businesses of all sorts to integrate world-class flexibility and mobility in their paperwork. Using this tool, one can sign on PDFs anytime and anytime. The only thing one needs to make this happen is having a data-driven device and internet connection.

As it is compatible with all the leading operating systems and platforms, there is nothing that can put a stop on a business’s mobility at paper handling. Such kind of mobility lets a business have breakneck paperwork with a professional touch. 

Made for everyone 

CocoSign is built for everyone. Whether you are a tech-savvy business or an individual, you can easily use it as it comes with an easy user-interface.  

Navigation is easy and simplified. You can directly upload the files or import them from places like Google Drive, OneDrive, DropBox, and many more over a single click.  

G-Suite integration for quick processing

Almost every business uses G-suite. It has become an essential part of today’s business operations. CocoSign comes with amazing G-suite integration. This integration lets a business digitally sign the PDFs saved on Google Drive, Sheets, and Docs easily. Not only signs, but you can also share the signed documents easily.

CocoSign offers the best deal

Apart from all these exceptional features and facilities, CocoSign is our all-time favorite because of its ability to offer the best deal on PDF signing tools. There is a free trial of 14-days that lets you explore the full capabilities of CocoSign without spending a single penny.

You can create an account on CocoSign for free and with this free account, you can add one sender, make three downloads, get 1 pre-built template, and send timely notifications & reminders. There is hardly any other PDF signing tool that offers such a lucrative deal.  

Wait! We are not done yet. You will get a 30-days money-back guarantee. So, if you are not ok with its paid versions, you can claim your money back. However, it is not going to happen as CocoSign is flawless at every front.

Wrapping up

A digital signature is what will drive the future. This advanced tool simplifies the process of document signing easily and effortlessly. CocoSign is one highly trusted digital signature generator for PDFs and other kinds of business documents.   

CocoSign is secure and easy-to-use. In every sense, it is here to bring some revolutionary changes in paperwork handling. Try it once and you will never regret it.

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