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Best E-Juices Available During COVID-19

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2020 has been a tough year for the entire planet. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected businesses and economies and completely disrupted our daily lives. But it’s not just the pandemic that’s been plaguing the world. At the start of the year, the Australian bushfires, the murder hornet invasion in North America, the political unease, it’s all been pretty hectic that even a short 2020 recap seems unbelievable. 

So, if you’re anxious to get the year over with and start fresh with 2021, there’s no better way to do it than with a nice, soothing vape session that makes you forget your worries. And for that, you need top-quality e-juices of 2021! 

Let’s see the best e-juices and help you put 2020 behind you and start the year right! 

How to Choose Your E-Juice 

Before you start picking your go-to flavors, you need to know what you want from your vape juices. After all, not all of them are made equal, and you have to choose the e-juice that suits your needs. 

If you want a flavor that packs a punch, makes your tongue tingle, and delivers a nice throat hit, you need to look for juices with a high PG (propylene glycol) content. High PG e-liquids are thinner and deliver a fuller, more robust flavor. So, if it’s the taste you’re after, these e-juices are for you. 

On the other hand, if you prefer a smoother throat hit, a more neutral flavor, and bigger clouds, you need an e-liquid with a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content. Your cloud production will go through the roof, and you’ll be able to master vape tricks with ease. 

So, while flavors are important, you should first look for performance before choosing your perfect e-juice for 2021. 

Rely on Reputable Retailers Only 

Amid a pandemic, you don’t want to do business with companies that don’t follow proper health and safety measures. You’ll want to support local businesses that care for their staff and customers, and that can deliver high-quality products without putting anyone at risk. 

Reputable retailers will ensure that only top ingredients that deliver an exceptional experience are used in their products. They’ll follow the latest regulations and provide the highest standard of service. 

So, before you just buy the cheapest, most convenient e-liquid, do a bit of research on the retailer. Check with the staff about how their e-liquids are made and who their suppliers are. Take a look at online reviews, and make sure you’re doing business with responsible companies that meet the highest standards. 

Make the Most out of 2021 With These E-Juice Flavors 

Once you’ve found your favorite e-juice retailer and determined the right type of vape juice for your needs, it’s time to play with the flavors. Thousands of them are readily available at your disposal, so you’re sure to find the right flavor even if you’re among the pickiest of vapers. 

Below are some of the all-time favorites that will make sure your 2021 is as care-free as can be. 

Fresh Tobacco 

The plain tobacco flavor is always a top seller. It’s the ideal choice if you’re trying to quit smoking or if you don’t have much of a sweet tooth. The highest quality tobacco-flavored e-juices will deliver a pleasant, natural taste that instantly makes you forget your worries. 

Minty Freshness 

Minty flavors are often the go-to choice for new vapers. They’re cool and refreshing, and they’ll boost your energy level after just a few draws. Mint is the perfect choice during hot summers, and it will certainly improve your vaping experience. 

Delicious Candy E-Juices 

Sweet e-juices are always a hit among vapers. With flavorings becoming ever-more natural and rich, these e-juices will feel almost like the real thing. Whether it’s candy, gummy bears, cotton candy, bubblegum, or any flavor in between, it’ll satisfy your craving for something sweet without making you put on a few pounds. 

Dessert Flavors 

Chocolate cake flavored e-juice is the perfect comfort treat that doesn’t make you feel guilty after finishing it. It will help you destress after a hard day and provide you with a familiar flavor that you’ll fall in love with. There’s an abundance of dessert flavors to choose from, and if you’re not sure which one to try, you can always buy in bulk and maybe even save a few dollars in the process. 

Your Favorite Drink Flavors 

If you want to welcome the New Year sober but still enjoy the marvelous taste of your favorite, then your best choice is choosing drink-flavored e-juices. Champagne e-juices will make you feel all fuzzy without making you drink a drop of alcohol. Beer-flavored e-juices are unique and exciting, perfect for the adventurous vaper. If you want to stay PG13, get yourself a lemonade- or sherbet-flavored e-juices and enjoy their refreshing taste in 2021. 

Natural Food Flavors 

Of course, if you’re in the mood for something more savory, there are plenty of e-juice options for you. From crispy bacon to chicken nuggets, there’s an abundance of savory e-liquids that’ll surprise your taste buds and improve your vape sessions. 

The Bottom Line 

Hopefully, 2021 will be a much better year for everybody. But if you want to improve it even further, just take a pick of your new favorite e-juice, and enjoy every day to the fullest. 

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