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Best Dating Apps for Android 2019

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There is no right method to find your perfect match. There are many options, from flirting in the club to living notes to the colleague you liked at work. But today the first place is still occupied by dating apps. They, being the most convenient and fastest way to meet today, still prove to be effective, and there is a variety of dating platforms to choose from.


Geolocation-connected search – the main feature that attracts the users because they can see where the interlocutor is. As in Tinder, you can like people, reach out to them by messaging or refuse the offers. It is suitable for those who would like to meet a person from their area or at the party when you are still not ready to start a conversation in real life. Just pull out your phone and like somebody!


The application is intuitive and simple. It focuses on geolocation and gamification. There is a timeline in the app showing the street where the user is currently located. Happn also keeps the information about your meetings with other users as you pass by them anywhere on the street and then suggests you to start a conversation. Sign up using Facebook Connect, Instagram, or Spotify and make it happen!


This application is very popular all around the world. It is easy to use and understandable to everyone. To log in, you must have an active account on Facebook. Then you choose a profile picture and start swiping to like other users. If you get a like back, you get access to a private chat. Or also, you can easily refuse the offer if you are not interested in communicating with this person. Tinder is currently the biggest dating app out there popular for seeking people based on certain criteria. Here, you can even find the best match for Sagittarius woman. A lot here depends on the catchy bio description that will attract the attention of potential partners.


The dating application shows people according to your profile and allows you to start chatting if both click photos of each other. If you do not communicate during the day, your contact disappears. You cannot start a conversation with them again, but you can show interest by extending the period of communication for an additional 24 hours so that you both can make a decision.


One of the most popular in gay communities. There are two versions: basic and premium which has more features. In the basic version, you can upload photos to your profile and chat with users who are nearby. If you do not feel safe seeking partners of your sex in conventional dating apps, you can download Grindr, and your search will be definitely crowned with success.

Couple – Relationship

Another application that is ideal for relationships at a distance or for couples who often travel on work missions and do not see each other for long. This is a place where they can share a common agenda or make plans. It is great for those who do not seek long-term relationships but needs someone to talk to from time to time.

Feeld Dating & Chat

An app that will work for everyone: straight people, gays, bisexuals, polysexuals, and pansexuals. Here, you can create private and group chats. For registration, you need a Facebook page, but you can hide your page from friends. Basically, group chats are what distinguishes this app from others and serve as its main interesting feature. It also does not require real names. So, you will get the maximum privacy and confidence that nothing threatens your search of a potential partner, friends, or nice people for a one-night hookup.


It’s one of the many simple and free dating applications that continues to keep its position on the market for a long time. It allows you to communicate with other users, get to know each other and make a choice. A scandal occurred a few months ago when they admitted that they combined people incompatible with each other as an experiment. After that, the number of users has significantly decreased. That was the situation that showed how people trust and rely on dating apps algorithms: if they give out their personal information or even pay for additional features, they wait for the effective matching work and think they will meet the love of their life.

Ashley Madison

The application provides an opportunity to meet people around the world as well as those who are near you. It has a “guests” function, allowing you to see who visit your page, a nice feature we wish all dating apps had. And also there is a search filter to make your process of seeking a partner easier and faster.


This application is considered one of the safest, as it requests to fill out a questionnaire so that users know in advance about each other, and only then decide whether they want to communicate. And there are also pre-written “quick questions.”

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